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Do the kids need to get tested for RT-PCR covid-19 before travel?

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Christmas is right around the corner and families have planned some sort of trip. Despite the thrill of the holiday season, we still have concerns about COVID-19 infection. With the discovery of a new variant in South Africa and Hong Kong, and RT-PCR COVID-19 test is a must now. So, how can you plan your vacation at this time, especially when you are traveling with kids?  

The good news is more than 50% of U.S. residents (18+) have received the COVID vaccines. And many of them are smoothly planning to travel from one country to another. But still, there is a remarkable group of individuals who haven’t taken the vaccines yet: children under the age group of twelve. If you are traveling domestically with young kids, there’s no need to take a test. But if you are traveling internationally, the rules are a bit different than before.


Do kids need to take an RT-PCR test before traveling?

It depends on where you are traveling and thus you need to check with the airlines first. However, many countries on the green list have confirmed that children over the age of eleven need the negative result of RT-PCR tests before boarding their flights.

For families traveling to a holiday destination, here are some of the rules for the most popular countries


Spain is currently asking all the tourists to have both the vaccine shots or a negative result of the RT-PCR Covid-19 test. However, kids under the age of twelve do not need to show either a vaccination certificate or a negative COVID test to enter the country


Currently, Portugal is only allowing the Brits to enter the country only when they have taken both vaccines. Kids under the age group of twelve don’t require vaccinations or a negative COVID test result.


Malta has a strict rule for both adults and kids. The adults need to be fully vaccinated along without presenting a negative COVID test result. Kids aged twelve or older need to have both the jabs and kids under twelve must have a negative COVID test. Only the children under five do not need anything.


Greece is currently welcoming travelers who are vaccinated, have evidence of antibodies, and have a negative covid test result. The kids under twelve do not need any proof of vaccine or tests. But, the age group ranging from twelve to seventeen must have a negative test report.


So, if you are traveling to any above-mentioned places with kids, it’s high time the little ones take the RT-PCR test for travel. If you are searching for the best place to take the test in Phoenix, Scottsdale, or nearby suburbs, Affordable Rapid Testing would be your ideal destination! 

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