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How long should I wait to get my RT-PCR Covid-19 Test reports?

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Same Day Rapid RT-PCR travel testing

The time required to get the covid-19 test report depends on the type of test you are taking and on the clinic which you have chosen for your test. You might get your results in 30 minutes or even it can take hours or else you have to wait for a day or two to get the report. Most of the labs are providing a report in Arizona within one or two days of getting tested. But due to increasing numbers of positive tests every day, Affordable rapid testing has taken the oath to endow the clients with the reports within the same day you get tested. Same day RT-PCR tests are conducted here and you can get the reports the very day within 9 PM.

The following types of tests are offered in Affordable rapid testing:

RT-PCR Covid-19 Test:

This is used to perceive the existence of viral RNA strands. You can get RT-PCR tests because it is the most accurate test method to provide efficient results. Before you become infectious, this test can detect the virus in your body. RT-PCR Covid-19 test is mandatory when you are travelling by air. We offer a same day PCR test to provide you result on the same day before 9 PM. The testing time will just take 15 minutes from your busy schedule. We have on-site labs which ensure you with same-day results.

Rapid Antigen Covid-19 Test:

Rapid antigen tests can perceive the presence of viral proteins. This test is done when you have a high viral load in your body so that the test can detect the highest concentration of covid-19 virus protein. This is a less expensive test in comparison to RT-PCR covid-19 test but we must admit that this test is less accurate than the RT-PCR test as well. This test can detect the presence of a virus in your body only when you are at the peak of infection. False-negative tests might come in this test which is the disadvantage. This kind of test is done in huge gatherings or events or to test office employees to get sure if someone has an infection.

30-Minute Family Emergency RT-PCR Tests at Affordable Rapid Testing:

Get highly trustworthy and accurate results for your family members with this test where the presence of viral RNA strands are detected at our lab on an emergency basis. You have to wait for 30-45 minutes after getting the test and we will provide you with the results. You have to make a prior booking for this test as there is limited availability and the test is done only in emergencies.

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