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As the holidays are approaching, many people are planning vacations. It is the time of the season when you have Thanksgiving, Hanukah, and Christmas lined up one after another.  But still, the risk of COVID-19 transmission is there. Though most people have received their vaccinations, the virus is still spreading. That is why most countries have declared that a negative RT-PCR Covid-19 Test is mandatory whenever tourists are visiting.


So, Why Should One Go For An RT-PCR Covid-19 Test?

The RT-PCR test is a highly effective molecular test that uses the nasal swab method. If your nasopharyngeal collection has the presence of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, you are COVID positive. The best part of taking this test is that you will get the results just in 8 hours or even less.

If you are traveling soon, the airlines expect the result of your COVID test taken within seventy-two hours. Therefore, if you are boarding a flight soon, you can go for the same-day travel testing option.

Same day rt-pcr travel testing phoenix

Are you traveling to another country from Scottsdale, Phoenix, Goodyear Chandler, or any other nearby suburbs? Are you wondering what is the best place to take the RT-PCR test for traveling? Affordable Rapid Testing will be your answer.

Why Choose Affordable Rapid Testing?

At Affordable Rapid Testing, we have two labs in Arizona state and you can choose the nearest option. One of our labs is in Phoenix and it is just fifteen minutes from Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport. Our second lab is situated in Scottsdale.  Of course, there are so many approved testing clinics are available out there, but we will provide you with an accurate report on the same day you took the RT-PCR Covid-19 Test.

At, Affordable Rapid Testing, we take pride in providing authentic and on-time service. During our initial days, we used to operate only in Phoenix. But we wanted to serve a bigger community and the demand for same-day travel testing is also increasing every day. Therefore, both our on-site labs will ensure that you get your results on your provided email before 9 pm. We understand the urgency of the travelers who need their results immediately and can’t wait for two-three days.

Expect the Best from us!

So, when you are expecting the same-day result for your Rapid RT-PCR tests in Phoenix or Scottsdale, Affordable Rapid Testing will be your ultimate destination. Get a hassle-free and contact-less test and expect fast and accurate results. No more missing your flights when we are here with our experienced team of health care providers.

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