How STD Testing Works?

Where to get std tests in phoenix scottsdale arizona

An STD/STI test checks whether you have a sexually transmitted disease or any infection. If you are having sex regularly, especially with multiple partners, we suggest you get tested now. It is easily possible to contract STIs or STDs from people who seem healthy and may not even themselves know they possess infection.

If you believe you have STI or STD symptoms, conduct a test now to confirm. Sores or bumps on genitals, thighs, or butt cheeks.

  • Discharge from penis or vagina
  • Burning sensation while you pee
  • Pain, irritation, or swelling in private parts
  • Flu-like symptoms like fever, swollen glands, body aches, or exhaustion
Rapid std testing phoenix scottsdale

How does STD/STI testing work Affordable Rapid Testing?

At Affordable Rapid Testing, STD/STI testing is quick and painless. It is important to get tested even if are asymptomatic. We have a contactless testing facility. Check the details below:

Firstly, book an appointment at Affordable Rapid Testing. You can schedule an appointment for yourself, your near and dear ones, or even in bulk on our official website. Pre-book your slot to get your test results quickly.

On Arrival

After getting an appointment, reach our lab to get tested. We also have a drive-through testing facility for your convenience so you need not get down from your vehicle. Instead, stay in your vehicle, and our lab assistants will reach out to you for onboarding. Keep your cellphone ready as our contactless facility requires a phone to fill out your details.

Getting The Samples

After filling in the details, it’s time to get tested. Our lab assistants will meet you at the lab facility or in your car for the collection of the sample. We make sure you have a no-pain experience. The assistants take a history of your sexual activity and move ahead to perform an examination. A blood sample from the arm and a urine sample might be collected whereas a vaginal swab may also be collected in the case of females.

Sample Analysis

After we collect your sample, we process it in our labs. Our CLIA (Clinic Laboratory Improvement Amendments) compliant labs can analyze your samples for accurate STD/STI detection.


In other Labs, after sample collection, you need not wait for your STD test Results normally a week. but with Affordable Rapid Testing, we have a secure email system and will mail you the results as quickly as 30-60 minutes.


Our wide range of STD/STI Testing Options and services.

AT Affordable Rapid Testing, we offer the following testing options:

Where can you find our Locations for STD testing in Arizona?

Sexual health is a serious concern and Affordable Rapid Testing is here to assist you with STI/STD testing needs.

Our labs are in four of Arizona’s most desirable locations: Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Sun City. Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport is only 4 minutes away from our Arcadia lab. We also cover areas including Tempe, Peoria, Mesa, Chandler, Goodyear, and Glendale, Arizona.

You can contact us through call or email and book your appointment. Our locations:

If you have had recent sexual contact with someone or feel ready for a routine exam, you may schedule an appointment by visiting our website For any additional questions or information, please call us at (480) 613-4867.

Stay Safe


Learn more about STD/STI treatment guidelines, clinical services, and partner therapy at Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs).

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are suspicious of your partner contracting an STD, or have had a risky sexual encounter, it is important to get tested even if you do not show any symptoms.


There is no age limit for getting an STD test. However, you need to be at least 13 years old in most states if you want to get a test without getting a guardian involved.

A standard STD test may take within 1 to 5 days to return accurate lab results. But At Affordable Rapid Testing Phoenix or Scottsdale, it would take maximum 48 Hours. 

If your STD test results have returned positive for an STD, it is imperative to visit a doctor and share it with them to start recovery

If one is sexually active, they should get an annual STD screening as a standard health check-up procedure.

It depends on the incubation period of the STD. While STDs like Chlamydia, Gonorrhea and Syphilis only take a matter of days, ones like HIV can take up to 3 months to show a positive test result.

A doctor’s prescription is generally not required for a standard STD testing procedure.

There are many health clinics and testing clinics which you can visit to avail an STD test in Phoenix or Scottsdale but Affordable Rapid Testing is one of best, affordable with accurate results.

STD test results are usually made very simple and may indicate “positive”, “negative” “reactive,” “non-reactive”, “not-detected,” or show a reference range. Therefore, it can be easily readable by a normal person without medical knowledge.

An STD testing is always kept private unless one is too young to get one themselves and requires a guardian.

No. Fasting is not required for STD testing.

Affordable Rapid Testing has two walk-in locations in Arizona:-

  • Phoenix
  • Scottsdale

No prior appointment is required to avail any form of test. guarantees the promise of client privacy unless they are not of legal age.

It offers the quickest, easiest and painless testing experience with the most accurate results. offers a seamless STD testing experience both via schedule appointments and on arrival. The sample will be collected from you after your visit to the site which will then be analyzed. Reports may arrive within a matter of hours to days depending on which testing procedure you have chosen. guarantees to offer you the most accurate test results in the least possible time.

You can avail the STD testing services offered by

Missed testing appointments cannot be refunded.

Refunding after collection of specimens is not an option.

You can pay by cash or card at the site or even schedule an appointment and pay online.