Covid-19 Same Day Rapid RT-PCR Travel Testing

COVID-19 Expedited Rapid Ag & Ab IgG/IgM

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COVID-19 PCR Tests for All Travel Needs

Affordable Rapid Testing in Phoenix, & Scottsdale in Arizona

Delta, Omicron and Eris Variant Compliant RT-PCR Test | Universally Accepted

Affordable Rapid Testing is here to help you with your COVID testing needs. We offer Covid-19 RT-PCR Travel Testing with the same-day guaranteed results & COVID-19 Expedited Rapid Antigen And Rapid Antibody IgG/IgM with travel certification test results typically available within 30-60 minutes. Please get tested with us for quick results. We accept walk-ins, or you can schedule an appointment online—a low-price guarantee on every time slot. If you have any questions or information, please call us at (480) 923-5232.
Same day covid-19 testing results

Covid-19 Travel Testing Made Easy and Affordable

Are you traveling somewhere urgently but need help getting a COVID-19 test report? We’re here to help you with your last-minute COVID-19 testing needs. Testing for cruise travel as well! Be travel-ready with our quick and contactless RT-PCR testing services so you don’t have to miss your flight.

* Presenting your passport to get tested for Covid-19 is mandatory for international travel. China now requires an Antigen rather than rtPCR. We will not be processing reimbursement for antigen tests, but we will provide insurance reimbursement forms. For further information, call us at (480) 923-5232.

Covid-19 same day rt-pcr travel testing

Our Walk‑in Locations

Affordable Rapid Testing (CLIA-Certified Lab) has accessible walk-in locations throughout Phoenix and Scottsdale, Arizona. We are open with extended hours, making it easy for you to come in at a time that fits your schedule. In addition to providing immediate walk-in attention for you, we provide same-day appointment time to unlimited patients with COVID-19 symptoms. The next time you ask, “Where is there Affordable Rapid Testing near me?”. Call, Schedule your visit, or walk into your nearest ART locations.

Same-day COVID-19 Testing Results

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PCR Testing Results in 30 Min

★ RT-PCR Testing results are are delivered within 30 minutes after the test!

PCR Testing Results in 2 Hour

★ RT-PCR Testing results are are delivered within 2 hours after the test!

PCR Testing Same Day Results

★ RT-PCR Testing results are delivered by 7:30 PM on the same day!

PCR Test Next Day Results

★ RT-PCR Testing results are delivered the next day by noon!

Influenza A&B w/ Rapid Antigen

★ Influenza A&B w/ Rapid Antigen Testing result are typically available 30-60 minutes after the test!

Rapid Antigen Testing

★ Rapid Antigen Testing result are typically available 30-60 minutes after the test!

Drive-thru No-cost COVID -19 Testing in Phoenix & Scottsdale

Before scheduling, contact your insurer to see if the test meets coverage criteria. You may be billed the total price of the Covid-19 tests by Affordable Rapid Testing if your insurance denies coverage or you don’t meet eligibility criteria for government no-cost testing programs. You will not have out-of-pocket costs if you don’t meet the requirements for no-cost testing through your insurance or a government-funded program.

Insurance Accepted

We only accept MedicareAHCCCS, & Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) insurance. If you have questions about a specific insurance provider, please call (480) 923-5232 to check with our staff.
★ No-cost Testing will be a Rapid Antigen w/ Rapid Antibody IgG/IgM and Flu A/B bundle and will not be guaranteed under 72 hours!

COVID-19 Drive-thru Testing

Our drive-through testing facilities ensure that you don’t have to get off your vehicle. We have ample parking space available, so you can stay in your car while our lab assistants take care of your Covid-19 RT-PCR and Rapid Antigen tests and results. Moreover, our Phoenix lab is just 15 minutes from the airport. So you can quickly get tested and head for your flight!

COVID-19 Mobile Testing

Need COVID-19 testing (Covid-19 RT-PCR and Rapid Antigen) services for a large group but cannot reach our lab? Worry not! Our mobile testing vehicles can be dispatched to any location covered by our Scottsdale and Phoenix labs. Unlimited patients at the same appointment time with our On-Site Mobile Testing Service (travel fee $100) in Metropolitan Phoenix Area.

Organization & Business Testing

Returning to the office when the pandemic is still looming large means that your employees’ safety is your utmost priority. Ensure the safety of your workplace with our COVID-19 testing services for organizations and businesses.

Events & Gatherings Testing

As restrictions ease on events and gatherings, taking COVID-19-appropriate precautions becomes more crucial. So, if you are organizing an events or gatherings and require testing large groups for COVID-19, we are at your service!

Affordable COVID-19 Testing

Getting an accurate Covid-19 diagnosis can be one of the most impactful experiences — especially if you’ve been searching for that answer for a while. We can help you get there.

What is a Covid-19 PCR Testing?

The onset of COVID-19 ensured that everyone remained within the four walls of their home. But with the pandemic becoming more of a habit than a threat over time, the world is gradually embracing the new normal. But what about safety? To ensure you are not affected by the virus, we have developed a simple and safe procedure to get tested.
We have developed a contactless COVID PCR testing facility at Affordable Rapid Testing. You can check the details below:
The first step is to book an appointment. You can schedule an appointment for yourself and your dear ones or in bulk on our official website. It is better to pre-book your slot to get your test results quickly.
After booking your appointment, you must come to our lab to test yourself. We have a drive-through testing facility, so you need not leave your vehicle. Instead, please stay in your car; one of our lab assistants will contact you for onboarding. Please keep your cell phone ready because our no-contact facility requires a phone for filling out your details.
After filling out the details, it is time to get yourself PCR tested. The lab assistants will meet you in your vehicle for sample collection. We only use lower nasal swabs to collect the sample to ensure you have a no-pain experience.
After we collect your sample, we will process it in our lab. Our CLIA (Clinic Laboratory Improvement Amendments) compliant labs can analyze your samples for accurate COVID-19 virus detection.
After sample collection, you need not wait for your results. We have a secure email system and will mail you the results quickly.

How to Protect Yourself & Others From COVID-19?

Prevention is better than cure, and COVID-19 is no exception. People who are not fully vaccinated, those with underlying medical conditions or a compromised immune system, and children under 12 should continue taking COVID-19 preventive measures. If you believe that you are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, isolate yourself until confirmed by a test.
The CDC lays down the following COVID-19 guidelines to prevent getting sick:
  • The CDC recommends unvaccinated people and those aged two or older to wear a mask in indoor public places, crowded outdoor settings, areas with high numbers of COVID-19 cases, and close-contact activities.
  • For protection against the delta variant, the CDC prescribes that fully vaccinated people wear a mask in indoor public places or areas of high transmission.
  • People with a compromised immune system or an underlying medical condition should wear a well-fitted mask and continue taking all precautions laid down for unvaccinated individuals.
  • Wearing a mask covering the nose and mouth is a mandatory requirement at airports, stations, and while on buses, planes, trains, and other forms of public transportation.
  • Avoid indoor settings that do not have proper ventilation. If possible, open doors and windows to let in fresh air.
  • Crowded places such as restaurants, bars, movie theatres, or gyms increase the risk of transmission of the virus. Avoid crowded settings as much as possible.
  • When indoors, maintain a distance of at least 6 feet (about two arm’s length) from any sick person or anyone who has been tested positive for COVID-19.
  • When outdoors, maintain a distance of at least 6 feet between you and anyone who does not live in your home.
  • Keeping distance is mandatory, primarily due to the prevalence of asymptomatic patients or if you are at a higher risk of contracting the virus.
  • Wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds after blowing your nose, coughing, sneezing, before touching or food, before preparing or eating food, after leaving a public place, after using the restroom, after changing a diaper, after handling your mask, after touching animals or pets, and after caring for someone sick.
  • Avoid touching your mouth, eyes, and nose with unwashed hands.
  • Use a hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol content if soap and water are not readily available.
  • If you are not wearing a mask, cover your coughs and sneezes with a tissue or use the inside of your elbow. Do not spit, and dispose of the tissue into a lined trash can.
  • Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds immediately after a cough or sneeze. Use soap and water for washing and if not available, use a hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol content.
  • You can cough or sneeze into your mask if wearing one. Dispose of the soiled mask, wear a new one, and wash your hands.
  • Use detergent followed by a household disinfectant to clean frequently touched surfaces like light switches, doorknobs, desks, handles, countertops, phones, keyboards, faucets, sinks, and toilets.
  • Get an authorized COVID-19 vaccine as soon as you can.
  • Monitor your health daily and be alert for symptoms. Watch out for symptoms like cough, fever, shortness of breath, or other COVID-19 symptoms, especially if you are going to your workplace, running errands, or in settings where physical distancing is impossible.

COVID-19 Mobile Testing

  • Affordable Rapid Testing would provide the same appointment time to unlimited patients as we have COVID-19 Mobile testing services in Phoenix and nearby suburbs. 
  • We will reach your place as scheduled and get your test done. So avoid the queue and schedule your appointment with us!
  • Please provide details on your bulk buying requirements for COVID tests by calling us. We will look over your requirements and reach out to you.

COVID-19 Mobile Testing in Phoenix, AZ

A series of tests are available to detect the presence of the SARS-CoV-2 in human beings. Our mobile COVID-19 testing labs are equipped with fast Rapid Antigen Test and same-day RT-PCR tests. Plus, our services are available for everyone, and with our mobile testing facilities, we can be anywhere you want us to be.

If you need the Rapid Antigen Test or RT-PCR test while traveling. We endow you with our fast Rapid Antigen Test & Same Day RT-PCR Testing. Phoenix Harbor Airport is just 4 minutes from our location, so rather than getting your test done at the Airport after being in queue for hours, you can get your test done at Affordable Rapid Testing. We would take 20 minutes of your precious time for the Rapid Antigen Test, and we will send you the automated software reports in your email.

Or you wish to get same-day RT-PCR testing report while traveling, we deliver the most trustworthy service as well, now, No need to get anxious as we are here to help you with our Expert service with our COVID-19 mobile testing services.

The gold standard COVID-19 diagnosis method is the quantitative RT- PCR test. Reliable and accurate, the RT-PCR COVID-19 test is available via our mobile fleet. Our mobile testing facilities also include rapid COVID-19 testing. If it is inconvenient for you to physically come to our lab and get your tests done, don’t worry, we have the perfect solution for you with our mobile COVID-19 testing! Our COVID testing vehicles can be dispatched in and around Phoenix and Scottsdale in a matter of minutes. We ensure that our services are convenient for you to help you when you need us the most. So, you don’t have to wait in long queues anymore or worry about getting results on time because our mobile COVID-19 testing service will be at your location to collect your sample and give you the results in 15-30 minutes on the same day.

Forget waiting in long queues and being anxious about your results because, at Affordable Rapid Testing, we will reach your place at the scheduled time and get your test done. Thanks to our CLIA (Clinic Laboratory Improvements Amendments) compliant labs, we guarantee fast, accurate, and reliable results with the proper diagnosis because your safety is our utmost priority. The results are delivered via email, so you don’t have to travel again for your results. We care for your privacy, so the results are sent via a protected email system.

Frequently Asked Questions

We currently offer the newly FDA-approved Rapid Antigen COVID-19 nasopharyngeal swab test. Test Results are fast and reliable. Rapid Antigen Rapid Detection of SARS-CoV-2 is a hromatographic immunoassay for the direct and qualitative detection of SARSCoV-2 antigens in nasal swabs from patients. We also currently offer Same Day RT-PCR tests. You can choose from various RT-PCR testing options with reliable and accurate results delivered within 30 minutes, 2 hours, same day (by 9 PM), or the next day (by 12 PM).Please call us at (480) 923-5232 for details.

Either pre-book your appointment online or simply drive up during business hours without an appointment for a safe, contactless check-in and payment experience. Just be sure to verify business hours for your location if you do not make an appointment.

Our process is simple, easy, and secure. Start by clicking our “Book Appointment Now” button to locate one of our testing locations nearest you. All patients can be tested regardless of symptoms. You can be tested whether or not you currently have symptoms.

We are located at 12020 S Warner Elliot Loop, #124 Phoenix, AZ 85044, only 15 minutes from the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. You will stay in your car in our designated parking spaces and wait for the lab attendant. 

A positive test result for this COVID-19 test indicates that antigens from SARS-CoV-2 were detected, and the patient is infected with the virus and presumed to be contagious. Patients should follow current CDC guidelines and contact their doctor or further instruction. If you test positive for COVID-19, know what protective steps to take if you are sick or caring for someone. If you would like a local telehealth doctor recommendation, please inquire at [email protected]

A negative test result for this COVID-19 test means that antigens from SARS-CoV-2 were not present in the specimen above the limit of detection. If you test negative for COVID-19, you probably were not infected at the time your sample was collected. However, that does not mean you will not get sick. The test result only means that you did not have COVID-19 at the time of testing. You might test negative if the sample was collected early in your infection and test positive later during your illness. You could also be exposed to COVID-19 after the test and get infected then. This means you could still spread the virus. If you develop symptoms later, you might need another test to determine if you are infected with the virus that causes COVID-19.

Yes, We are accepting Medicare, AHCCCS, & Blue Cross insurance only. Other health insurance are self-pay and we provide insurance reimbursement documentation. If you have questions about a specific insurance provider, please call (480) 923-5232 to check with our staff.

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Our McDowell Rd, Phoenix Lab is just 4 minute away from Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport. Affordable Rapid Testing is the nearest lab to Airport.

You can find our COVID-19 travel testing facility at Phoenix and Scottsdale, Arizona. We offer contactless and affordable rapid RT-PCR tests for urgent travel as well as Rapid Antigen Test. We also cover the following areas: Tempe AZ, Chandler AZ, Mesa AZ, Goodyear AZ, Peoria AZ, Glendale AZ. Call us or book an appointment online.

Yes, we provide Rapid Antigen, RT-PCR tests (30 mins, 2 hours, Same day, and next day) with guaranteed results in our all locations.

Rapid antigen tests are processed in 15 minutes. Results are then certified and sent to the client immediately. But due to surge in Covid cases the Test results may get delayed from 15 minutes to 1 hour.