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Drug Substance Abuse and Screening Facts

Check here for the latest ideas and insights about drugs substance use, abuse, and addiction.

We’ll share helpful posts on drug abuse and screening topics, and keep you up to date on new research and innovative developments in addiction.

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Drug Addiction

What Should You Avoid Before A Drug Test For A Job?

Workplace drug testing is a routine procedure in most companies to maintain integrity and safety in the workplace. Pre-employment drug testing is a mandate that you might need to follow once you submit a job application. It is to ensure that you are ideal for the role you are applying for and will not disrupt

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Drug Addiction

What Happens If You Fail A Drug Test When Applying For A Job?

Workplace drug testing is more common than you think and should not be taken lightly. Most companies have imposed mandatory drug tests both before and after employment in order to maintain workplace order. The sole purpose of drug tests is to avoid any drug-related incidents that might jeopardize work operations and tarnish the company’s name.

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Drug Addiction

When Teens Lie About Drugs: A Guide for Parents

Using drugs has evolved into a passionate ritual among teens, which is one of the reasons why your teenage kid could be lying to your face. Family plays a crucial role in a child’s growth and development. Oftentimes, the family has no clue their adolescent kid has been using substances and ruining their life.  Teens

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Drug Addiction

What To Know About Urine Drug Tests

A urine drug test is a non-invasive test that analyzes a person’s urine sample to check for the presence of drugs and foreign substances. It is commonly conducted for detecting drug classes like opiates, cannabis, and methamphetamines. It is also often performed for alcohol, nicotine, benzodiazepines, and other prohibited substances.  Who might request a urine

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Drug Addiction

Drug Addiction Signs & Symptoms

Drug addiction mostly starts as an experimental use of some kind of recreational drug. Unfortunately, for some, this experimental use gets transformed into addiction. Needless to say, any kind of addiction – street drugs to prescription drugs to alcohol – is a serious issue for sure. If you are suspecting a close one to be

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Drug Addiction

How Long Does Fentanyl Stay in Your System? 

Fentanyl is a type of strong synthetic opioid that mainly serves as a pain-relieving drug. However, it is hazardous when this drug gets combined with alcohol. Subsequently, this combination can result in coma, respiratory failure, irregular heartbeat, and death. There is a surging rise in Fentanyl abuse that is resulting in numerous overdoses and deaths. 

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Drug Addiction

The Pros and Cons of Drug Testing Your Child: Is it offensive or protective?

Drug testing: The most widespread concern for parents nowadays: Drug usage has become a huge concern for the parents especially of the young adults in recent times where it has become normal to take drugs at high school. Parents as well as teachers are fighting for this so that the kids can stay safe from

Drug Addiction

What is being tested in a Urine Drug Test?

A urine drug test (UDT), also known as a urine drug screen (UDS), is the most common way of toxicology testing due to its ease of sampling. A urine drug test is used to measure the presence of both prescription medications and illegal or prohibited drugs in your body.  What is the purpose of a

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Drug Addiction

Urine Drug Screening: A Practical Guide for Clinicians

What Is Urine Drug Screening? Drug screening is using a sample of one’s urine to detect drugs in the body. It is widely used in healthcare, legal and criminal cases, and even in a workplace setting. Urine Drug screening is the most common type of screening. The Department of Health and Human Services states that

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Drug Addiction

Top Ten Reasons To Avoid Tobacco, Alcohol, and Drugs

Tobacco, alcohol and drug abuse is a raging cause of concern that had severe health effects on individuals time and time again. It is impossible to choose between the greater evil of the three. All three have been scientifically proven to be detrimental to health if consumed uncontrollably. All three of these substances have a