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What are the popular types of Covid-19 tests available

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Covid-19 test is done to find out if you are infected with Covid-19 virus that is the reason behind coronavirus disease. US Food and Drug Administration has approved a few tests to detect and diagnose Covid-19 infection in the human body. If you are staying in Phoenix, Scottsdale, or nearby suburbs you can easily find Covid-19 testing labs, it is a very convenient and easy-going process with several clinics coming up with testing opportunities.


We are hereby discussing the type of testing methods:

RT-PCR Covid-19 Test:


RT-PCR Covid-19 Tests that is also being called a molecular test. This test detects the genetic material of Covid-19 viruses by using the polymerase chain reaction technique to be completed in the lab (PCR). The fluid sample is collected from the person who has come for the test by inserting a swab stick in the nostril to take the nasopharyngeal fluid. Sometimes fluid is taken from the upper portion of the nose which is a bit painful.


Process of RT-PCR Covid-19 Tests:


In a few cases, a long swab stick is inserted into the back of the throat where it is called an oropharyngeal swab, or you may have to give a saliva sample. RT-PCR Covid-19 Tests results are accurate if performed by a professional lab technician. So consider doing the test from affordable rapid testing as we assure you to provide authentic RT-PCR Covid-19 Tests results within a few hours. RT-PCR Covid-19 Tests are very accurate when properly performed by a health care professional, but the Rapid Antigen test can miss some cases.

In Affordable Rapid Testing Phoenix & Scottsdale, we collect fluid from the lower portion of your nose which is not at all painful. We use a mid-turbinate swab which uses a shorter nasal swab for collecting the samples.


Rapid Antigen Covid-19 Test


This test is done to detect definite proteins present in the virus. Using a long nasal swab the fluid sample is collected and antigen test result is produced in minutes.  A positive antigen result is always accurate if the technician follows the instructions properly but negative results can be false. So depending upon the situation you can go through RT-PCR Covid-19 Tests if you have symptoms.

The possibility of false-negative test results rests on the category and sensitivity of COVID-19 testing, and the meticulousness of the sample collection, and the accurateness of lab analysis. So consider testing from Affordable Rapid Testing where you are ensured to get viable, accurate reports within guaranteed time.


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