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How to Get The Same Day PCR Travel Testing For Your Flight?

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Though 2021 is almost about to end, the world is still not free from the COVID panic! The numbers of positive cases are still rising despite 90% of people being vaccinated with both doses! However, life must go on and who knows it better than a busy and active person like you, right?

In such a scenario, if you are flying internationally, you need a test within three days of your flight to show a negative COVID-19 test result. So, are you nervous that you won’t get your results in time? How do you get a same-day RT-PCR test while you are traveling?


Check for the available same-day RT-PCR travel testing options in your locality

First and foremost, confirm with your airline about what type of COVID-19 tests are accepted for your travel destination. If you are in a rush, taking a same-day travel testing would be just right so that you get the results within the same day guaranteed.

Also, check what kinds of COVID-19 tests are available in the place where you live. For example, if you live in a place like Phoenix, AZ, or Scottsdale, you have an expert like Affordable Rapid Testing. This well-rated, top-notch lab can assist you with all your COVID-19 tests! The results of antigen testing results are typically available within fifteen minutes. So, no more stressing over missing your flight anymore, you can schedule an appointment by visiting their official website.

Plan Covid-19 RT-PCR testing in Your Return Trip As Well

When you are catching your return flight, check with the hotel to see if they can suggest a location to take same-day RT PCR tests. The CDC recently altered its rules around the COVID-19 test for international flights that are returning to the US. You could take a test that meets all the travelling-amidst-COVID rules and get your results instantly.


A Few Flights Decorum To Maintain When You Are Flying

The flight attendants are still enforcing the in-flight mask rule even when all the passengers have submitted their negative COVID-19 test results. You still need to wear a mask and sanitize your hands frequently while you are flying.




Besides the same-day RT-PCR Test, a lot of other options are also available in Affordable Rapid Testing. The lab assistants can guide you thoroughly on the process. Their lab is not only in Phoenix but another branch is also open in Scottsdale AZ. Take the 30 minutes emergency COVID-19 test and you are all set to fly!

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