Do We Need to Take a PCR Test before going to Hong Kong?

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Post-pandemic international travel has seen many changes and additions in safety protocols that travelers need to adhere to. The US government has imposed several travel legislations for international journeys. As per the new requirements set by the State, passengers starting from 2 years of age need to show negative COVID-19 test results. This guideline has commenced from January 5th (12:01 AM ET) and does not exempt any traveler regardless of their citizenship or vaccination status. 

On that note, it is important for people to know what rules to follow and what they can expect on arrival if they are planning a Hong Kong trip. For a quick RT-PCR test, you can either turn on your location services on your smartphone and search for ‘rapid PCR test near me’ or look for the nearest Affordable Rapid Testing clinic if you are in Phoenix or Scottsdale. 

To know more about COVID-related travel protocols before going to Hong Kong, give this article a read. 

Testing before departure 

Here are some CDC recommendations you need to consider prior to departure:-

  • Use a viral test to get tested
  • Get tested as close to departure time as you can. It should not be more than 3 days prior to travel.
  • Determine your test results prior to travel.
  • Do not travel if you have tested positive for COVID-19.
  • Find a U.S. COVID-19 testing location near you or use a self-test.
  • If you already tested positive for COVID-19 90 days prior to departure take multiple antigen tests regardless of the first test result. 

General pre-departure RT-PCR testing protocols

Inbound travelers from overseas countries including Taiwan have to take a RAT (Rapid Antigen Test) or a PCR-based (Polymerase Chain Reaction) NAT (Nucleic Acid Test) within 24 to 48 hours respectively prior to their arrival in Hong Kong. The 24 to 48-hour period has been elucidated in the table below:-

Arriving in Hong Kong via HKIA (Hong Kong International Airport)Arriving in Hong Kong through boundary control points 
RATThe RAT sample will be collected from the individual within 24 hours of the scheduled departure time of a specified flight. The RAT sample is collected from the individual within 24 hours prior to their arrival in Hong Kong
PCRThe PCR sample is collected from the individual within 48 hours of the scheduled departure time of a specified flight.The PCR sample is collected from the individual within 48 hours prior to their arrival in Hong Kong

What criteria should the self-paid NAT taken in Hong Kong meet?

The criteria that a self-paid Nucleic Acid Test needs to meet once conducted on an individual’s arrival in Hong Kong are as follows:-

  • The test has to be conducted within the 48-hour timeframe prior to the scheduled departure time or arrival time (for the ones landing on Mainland via HKIA) of the flight (for the ones landing on the Mainland from boundary control points).
  • The test specimen should be collected from the throat or nasal cavity via a swab by dedicated staff. It can also be a combination of both. 
  • The test result has to be negative.
  • The test report has to be issued by the local COVID-19 testing institutions that the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government recognizes. 

Do you need to be fully vaccinated to travel to Hong Kong?

No. You need not be fully vaccinated. The Government of Hong Kong has lifted the mandatory vaccination requirement from 6 February 2023. Hence, all inbound travellers coming to Hong Kong need not be vaccinated but has to test negative for COVID-19 upon arrival.

Failure to Comply with Inbound Protocols

If an individual traveling to Hong Kong does not comply with the required protocols (denying information, or providing any false or forged information) they can be convicted and detained for up to six months. The maximum penalty for non-compliance is a fine of up to 10,000 USD at level 3.

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