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Should I get a Second COVID test done post isolation/quarantine?

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Currently, we are in such a position where we will do anything to save ourselves from Coronavirus. While the mass vaccination is a good sign, we can’t really roam around on the streets without a mask right now! If you have the obvious symptoms, get yourself tested soon. Opting for a Same-day RT-PCR test would be an ideal solution for a quick result.

So, what if your result comes positive?

If you are COVID positive, you will have to stay quarantined for fourteen days.  As the world is still grappling with the disease, many questions are left unanswered.

For example, what happens after your quarantine period is over? Do you need to take a test again? Well, the good news is, as the health experts say, you don’t have to take another 30 mins rapid RT-PCR Covid-19 test after your isolation days are over. Doctors believe on the eighth day of your quarantine, there might be minor symptoms. But your risks are gone!

Why Is There No Need For Another Same-Day RT-PCR Test?

As per the new report of CDC, after you have spent 14 days in isolation, there’s no need to re-test yourself. Though, it was not the case even a few months ago. Ever since the virus hit the world, COVID patients were held at the hospitals until they have a clear radiograph. Plus, the patients also needed two RT-PCR negative test results back-to-back before discharge. But now the virus has muted a bit and thus the new rule came.

So What Are The Protocols For The COVID Patients Now?

For Pre-symptomatic/Mild/Very-Mild Cases

  • One can get discharged right after ten days of quarantine only when there is no fever for three consecutive days
  • No need to take a Same-day RT-PCR test before getting discharged
  • After discharge, a patient has to isolate at home for seven more days

For Moderate Cases

  • If you are asymptomatic for three days after the tenth day of your quarantine, you are good to go
  • You don’t have to take a test before discharge
  • Stay at home for seven days and watch your health

For Extreme Cases

Well, if you had a severe level of contamination, you must take the Same Day Rapid RT-PCR COVID-19 tests before your discharge.  Plus, you need a complete clinical recovery too. In most mild and moderate cases, the virus dies after ten days. But when the case is severe, you need to re-take the test before getting discharged.

No matter how soon you get discharged, wearing masks, washing hands at regular intervals, and maintaining social distance must continue for months to come until the world heals.

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