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RT-PCR vs. Antibody vs. CT-Scans: Which test to go for and when?

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Same-Day RT-PCR Test

Until 2019, nobody had even heard of them. But soon after the Coronavirus pandemic struck, rapid antigen and RT-PCR tests became household terms.  As the virus continues to spread worldwide, everyone is asking for a negative COVID test report before you travel or join a new workplace or anything. That is how the Same-Day RT-PCR Test has become so popular among people.

Types Of COVID-19 Screening Tests

While the fear of COVID-19 continues to grow, we now have more than one tests to detect it, thankfully. For example, we have the rapid antigen test, CT scans, and RT-PCR test kits. Meanwhile, the debate continues on which test to take and when all have their benefits.

Same Day PCR Test

Also called the diagnostic test, antigen tests are also called rapid tests as they deliver quick results.  The key features of these tests are:

  • The Collection Method:  You have to undergo a nasal swab test
  • The Result Time:  They have the name rapid for a reason. They deliver results right after fifteen to thirty minutes of the test
  • The Test Detects: Active Coronavirus Infection

But there are times when the rapid antigen method shows a false negative result. So, the health experts consider the positive results of a  30 mins rapid RT-PCR Covid-19 test to be true. But when the result is negative despite the patient having all the symptoms, they work on it. They might prescribe a CT-scan, or another clinical assessment.

Yet, when you have tested positive, you will have to quarantine for fourteen days. When you have already passed the tenth day of your isolation, there’s no need to go for a re-test as the virus gets ineffective.

Antibody Test

Also called serological tests, antibody tests are effective only when your body already has developed the antibodies. As per CDC, your body takes one to three weeks to produce antibodies for the virus. If you test too soon after having symptoms, you might have a negative result. It’s because your body didn’t get enough time to produce the antibodies.


Typically, a CT-scan just provides more detailed information. They help to detect COVID when your symptoms and infections have turned severe.  When RT-PCR or a rapid antigen test is not able to provide you the right results, the doctors recommend a CT-Scan which is more accurate for your severe case. If you are looking for a same-day Rt-PCR test in Phoenix, Arizona, Affordable Rapid Testing is the best place to go. We use high-quality Visby test kits that provide accurate results within thirty minutes.

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