Why Do Companies Drug Test Employees?

Drug testing is a routine procedure that nearly every employee has probably gone through. Most companies incorporate drug testing as a part of the pre-employment and post-employment process. It is steadily being mandated in nearly every work sector because it helps maintain workplace safety and integrity. It also ensures that employees are not abusing illegal drugs both in and out of the organizational workplace. 

With countless incidents being related to drug influence most companies are now striving to build a drug-free workplace. Regular workplace drug testing also discourages employees from ingesting illicit substances. Employees and applicants are informed about this prior to their application to maintain transparency and avoid any violation of rights. In this article, you will know more about why companies drug test employees. 

What does the research say about drug testing in the US?

Quest Diagnostics conducted extensive research on the usage of illicit drugs in the American workforce by measuring the percentage of employees with positive urine drug tests. It stands at a 14-year high resting at 4.4%. Cannabis has also been recorded to be the most widely-used substance, with 2.8% of overall employees testing positive.

This news led American Addiction Centers to conduct a further survey on pre-employment drug testing in workspaces to find out what kind of job would make routine drug tests a mandate. 

Overall, only 1.47% of companies in the U.S. mentioned that they incorporate post-employment or pre-employment drug test. 

Why is a pre-employment drug test necessary? 

Drug abuse in a professional workspace can have a dangerous impact. Workplace drug testing is often incorporated to maintain a drug-free workplace policy in companies. Any form of drug test during and after hiring discourages employees from abusing drugs in the first place. The candidate is informed that they may need to undergo a test during the hiring process by the company prior to their job application. Drug tests usually come in the following forms:-

  • Urine testing
  • Hair testing
  • Blood sample testing
  • Saliva sample testing
  • Breathalyzer

Pre-employment testing is a common form of drug testing that companies implement while hiring a candidate for the following reasons:-

  • It is a way to ensure that employers make the best hiring decisions
  • It helps ensure that the applicant is suited for any safety-sensitive position and working environment
  • It helps protect keep employees safe from the harmful effects of illicit substances that can jeopardize the safety and integrity of the workplace
  • Helps keep the company safe from defamation and additional fines incurred due to any instance involving drug abuse by an employee
  • It helps decrease absenteeism due to drug-related health issues
  • Helps prevent any accident caused by drug-induced effects on an employee
  • Helps improved focus and productivity in operations
  • Reduces employee turnover rate

Industries that require a pre-employment drug test 

As per federal law in the U.S, pre-employment drug tests as well as routine workplace drug testing is a mandate for the following job sectors:-

  • Government
  • Manufacturing
  • Healthcare and hospitals
  • Transportation and logistics
  • Automotive
  • Private security
  • Construction
  • Aerospace and defense
  • Education and schools
  • Information technology

Why choosing Affordable Rapid Testing, AZ is the ideal option for drug testing requirements

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