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What It’s Like To Travel During COVID-19?

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Covid 19

With the current situation of the pandemic, every country has not received the vaccines yet. It might take a bit longer until the world gets back to the normal (pre-COVID) stage. That is why, every industry, including travel, will still be pretty different from what it used to be. 

Every country is not welcoming travelers, and not every individual is ready to travel now. Only, a few states are looking forward to tourists from some specific locations (the USA and others). In this blog, let’s cover every little thing you need to know about Coronavirus and traveling. So, without further delay, let’s get rolling!

How Can You Travel In COVID?

While you don’t need to show that you got vaccinated before traveling, showing a negative COVID test result is a must.  Though, a negative result is never an excuse to roam around without precautions. But it definitely helps to reduce the contamination rate when you have an urgent need to travel.

How Long Do You Have To Wait To Get Your Covid-Test Result?

While you don’t need to show that you got vaccinated before traveling, showing a negative COVID test result is a must.  Though, a negative result is never an excuse to roam around without precautions. But it definitely helps to reduce the contamination rate when you have an urgent need to travel.

How Many Types Of COVID Tests Are There?

People have lots of questions and confusion about the testing process – How long does a swab test result take? What kinds of tests can you expect? Is it possible to get same-day PCR results? Let’s discuss the kinds of COVID test first.  Your options are:

Rapid Antigen Tests

Antigen detection test helps to identify what is causing a disease in patients. Antigens are foreign organisms, like bacteria, fungi, parasites, or viruses. After entering into your body, they stimulate your immune system and create specific antibodies. Antibodies protect your body from germs and infections.   While the Rapid antigen test takes 15 minutes to generate results, it might miss an active infection. While other tests like RT-PCR take longer to provide the results, those are more accurate.


PCR tests help to determine if you have an active COVID infection. This test takes a sample of your nasal secretion through a nasopharyngeal swab. The RT-PCR test is the most sought-after method used for COVID testing. Talking about the test results, there are options for a same-day PCR test or a two-day test.

Antibody Tests

The human immune system creates antibodies to fight viruses, bacteria, and other microbial threats. After you get infected by a microbe, your body takes a few weeks to create these antibodies. An antibody test, a serology test, is actually a blood test that can detect if your body has antibodies to the Coronavirus. This test can help identify if you are COVID positive or have already recovered from it. Currently, many antibody tests are available out there but all are not FDA authorized. That is why, if you are looking forward to COVID tests near PHOENIX or other areas like Phoenix AZ, Scottsdale AZ, Tempe AZ, Chandler AZ, Mesa AZ, Goodyear AZ, Peoria AZ, Glendale AZ, Paradise Valley, or Sun Lakes, choose the most reliable one.

What To Expect During Your Coronavirus Test?

Currently, many people are going for swab testing. Both rapid antigen tests and RT PCR tests use swabs to collect a sample. During a nasopharyngeal swab, the health care provider will insert a six-inch-long swab into your nostril. After rotating the swab for about fifteen seconds, the test administrator will repeat the process through your other nostril. The swab will be then tested in a lab for the final result.

Some same-day PCR test sites might use a fusion of throat swabs, mucus samples besides nasal swabs. During a throat swab, the test administrator will collect samples from the back of the throat. If you cough up mucus, the test administrator might also collect that for testing.

The nasal swab procedure is not painful but some people find it to be pretty uncomfortable. Still, throat and nasal swabs are the most common testing procedures when you are opting for a fast PCR test for travel.

 What To Do After The Result Comes Out?

A positive result with a swab test or antigen test detects that you are a COVID patient right now. Take immediate steps to self-isolate, and recover. Inform everyone, who may have come to your contact lately, to get tested for COVID. It is usually rare that you get a positive result even when you don’t have the virus in your body. But anything can happen if you choose a testing site without cross-checking its authenticity.

On other hand, your test may come negative even when you have the virus in your body. It happens because you took the test right after exposure and there were not enough viruses in your body to show up during the test. That is why the doctors recommend taking a series of tests after a significant interval if you want to travel soon.

Remember, there is still no exact vaccine or cure for the Coronavirus. That is why testing is an important tool to understand your infection and prevent its spread.

What If You Do An At-Home Test And Provide The Result Before Boarding Your Flight?

Some people are taking home tests with the kits available at online stores. But it is always better to get your COVID test certificate from an authorized center that is providing fast PCR tests for travel.

Do You Need To Get Tested Before Leaving USA & Where Can You Find A Reliable Testing Center In The Area?

The CDC recommends all travelers go for a COVID test before traveling from the USA. If you are looking forward to Same day PCR testing & results in phoenix, Affordable Rapid Testing is there to assist you throughout the process.  This authentic center offers various kinds of COVID tests with fast results. You can choose from the same day, next day, or two-day results as per traveling needs. Schedule your COVID test by visiting the official website of

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