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Top Ten Reasons To Avoid Tobacco, Alcohol, and Drugs

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Tobacco, alcohol and drug abuse is a raging cause of concern that had severe health effects on individuals time and time again. It is impossible to choose between the greater evil of the three. All three have been scientifically proven to be detrimental to health if consumed uncontrollably. All three of these substances have a different way of affecting the body and overdosing on either of them can have lethal consequences.

Alcohol and drug abuse can have long-term effects and oftentimes may lead to life-threatening diseases. Both men and women can develop liver problems due to alcohol abuse, HIV/AIDS or hepatitis due to injection drug abuse, respiratory problems or lung cancer because of smoking, and even memory difficulties due to marijuana. In this article, we have discussed in detail the effects of tobacco, alcohol and drugs as well as why you need to say no to them. 

Impact of drug abuse

Substance abuse can lead to severe health effects including death by overdose. Some of the common impacts of ingesting drugs are as follows:-

  • Depression and anxiety
  • Memory problems
  • Social problems
  • Risk of overdose
  • Confusion
  • Insomnia
  • Violent behavior
  • Paranoia and hallucinations
  • Irritability
  • Nausea
  • Weight loss
  • Abdominal pain
  • Liver damage
  • Seizures
  • Stroke
  • Brain damage
  • Lung disease.

Impact of alcohol abuse

Drinking excessive alcohol has immediate, short-term as well as long-lasting effects that can result in detrimental health issues. Some common mental and physical effects of alcohol abuse include:-

  • Injuries caused by accidents caused due to inebriation
  • Violence (Homicide, sexual assault, suicide etc.)
  • Alcohol poisoning
  • Higher chances of unwanted pregnancies or the risk of contracting STDs due to engaging in risky unprotected sexual activities.
  • Stillbirth, miscarriage, or FASDs (Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders) among pregnant mothers.
  • High blood pressure
  • Heart disease
  • Stroke
  • Liver and digestive problems.
  • Cancer (Breast, throat, mouth, voice box, esophagus, liver, rectum and colon)
  • Weakened immunity 
  • Cognitive problems
  • Dementia 
  • Mental health issues (depression and anxiety)
  • Social problems

Impact of tobacco abuse

The chemicals prevalent in tobacco smoke can cause significant damage to your body in several ways. Some of the worst health impacts of tobacco include:-

  • Cancer
  • Breathing problems
  • Chronic respiratory issues
  • Heart disease and blood circulation issues
  • Stroke 
  • Diabetes
  • Dental problems
  • Infections
  • Hearing loss
  • Vision loss
  • Osteoporosis 
  • Early menopause
  • Fertility problems

Ten reasons you need to avoid tobacco, drugs and alcohol

According to the reports of the World Health Organization (WHO), nearly six million people succumb to detrimental side effects of tobacco use and 2.5 million die because of health issues caused by alcohol. These conditions can easily be prevented by cutting down on alcohol and tobacco use, eating healthy and exercising regularly. Some other reasons you need to consider avoiding tobacco, drugs and alcohol are listed below:-

  1. For ease of employment: Your eligibility to work or apply for a job position entirely depends on being drug, alcohol and sometimes even tobacco-free. Many employers can run random tests on their employees or even conduct drug and alcohol tests on applicants to ensure a safe hiring process. 
  1. To gain more confidence: Being dependent on an addictive substance causes several mental health problems and physical health issues. Many find it difficult to socialize or even might alienate themselves from their friends. Some even undergo physical changes in their appearance which gives them insecurity issues. Being completely alcohol, tobacco and drug-free, will lead you to be more confident, reliable and consistent. 
  1. To avoid bad choices: Making one bad choice might lead to an unfortunate chain of events causing you to make one after another. This can be caused by mental health problems, as well as inebriation or disorientation caused by alcohol, tobacco, or drugs.
  1. Get better grades for a brighter future: Studies estimate that nearly 16.5% of high school students have admitted to smoking. Smoking might temporarily give you energy and relieve you of pain. But, the long-term side effects might take your focus away from studying and getting better grades.  
  1. For happiness and contentment: We all know that tobacco, drugs and alcohol are addictive because they offer a good amount of short-term enjoyment. But overdependence on these substances can lead to depression, fear, guilt, fatigue, and despair which can keep you from leading a happy life. 
  1. To be independent: Even if alcohol and drugs can help a person feel relaxed, their dependency and addiction to the substance rob their independence and freedom of choice. 
  1. To sleep better: Tobacco, drugs and alcohol have been scientifically proven to make normal sleep patterns go awry which can harm normal memory processing.  Quitting either of the three is bound to rectify your sleep cycle. 
  1. To lead a healthier life: Smoking, as per studies, has proven to slow down blood flow via the arteries. It can destroy lung tissue and might even cause cancer. Maintaining health and fitness should be your priority. Hence, it is a good idea to quit tobacco, drugs and alcohol.
  1. To save money: Addiction is an expensive habit. Cutting down on addiction can help save a lot of money daily because you don’t need to invest in multiple packs of cigarettes, drugs or alcohol. 
  1. To look better: Tobacco, drug and alcohol abuse can bring about major changes in your appearance like Nicotine-stained teeth, bloodshot eyes, poor posture and the like. Quitting these will make you look better and feel more confident in your skin.

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