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If You are not Fully Vaccinated then You would need an RT-PCR Covid-19 Test before traveling Internationally

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COVID-19 vaccines reduce not only the risk of becoming ill from the virus but also the risk of spreading it to others. Yes, everyone knows it but there are some people who are still not fully vaccinated yet even in 2022. If you are one of them, and you have an international trip scheduled ahead, you need to undergo a rapid RT-PCR COVID-19 test before flying. 

Why Do You Still Need To Take A Travel PCR Test In 2022?

Once again Covid-19 cases are rapidly increasing in many countries. As a result, the Governments are stepping up the rules for the incoming travelers who need to show a negative RT-PCR test result taken before catching their flights. 

Some Important Travel Instructions to Follow Right Now

  • Get tested no later than three days before your trip.
  • If you are awaiting the results, postpone your trip.
  • Keep an eye out for COVID-19 symptoms.

If you run a NEGATIVE test

  • Carry a copy of your test results with you when you travel
  • Take precautions to ensure your and others’ safety 

If you Are POSITIVE or Have The symptoms

  • Travel is not recommended.
  • Isolate yourself immediately.
  • Adhere to public health recommendations.

Before boarding a flight to the United States from another country, you must provide a negative COVID-19 test result or documentation of recovery from COVID-19. Stay updated with the COVID-19 regulations and guidelines of your airlines and your destination. Visit here Covid-19-travel-guide

What Are The Options For COVID-19 RT PCR Test In Phoenix, Arizona? 

If you need a same-day RT-PCR test or a rapid covid-19 testing facility near Phoenix or Scottsdale, Arizona, Affordable Rapid Testing should be your one-stop solution provider. Affordable Rapid Testing is a market leader and in-demand provider of fast, dependable, and secure Covid testing services at reasonable prices. Please call (480) 923-5232 for a detailed guide on the testing facilities. 

When it comes to choosing the right kind of travel testing facilities, there are a few options for you. You can select the one that matches your schedule and requirement the most! Let’s discuss your options below: 

Same-day Travel RT-PCR Testing at a Low Cost

Need a COVID-19 test report ASAP but don’t know how? Affordable Rapid Testing’s experts are available to assist you with any last-minute same-day rapid PCR testing needs. All you need to do is to cooperate with the RT-PCR testing services that are quick and seamless so you don’t miss your flight!

RT-PCR Testing By 9 P.M. On The Same Day

Do you only have one day to catch your flight? Do you believe you are experiencing COVID symptoms? Are you looking for “where to find a quick  and affordable travel PCR test near me?” Affordable Rapid Testing is the answer. Get the results delivered by 9 p.m. on the same day of the test. Convenient, isn’t it? 

Rapid Antigen Test, Result Delivered in 10 Minutes 

If you are in a hurry, you can take the rapid COVID-19 test. You will receive your results in 10 minutes if you choose this option. This test detects any viral protein in your body quickly, but only works when you have a high virus concentration in your body.


An RT-PCR test (Reverse Transcription PCR Test) aids in the rapid detection and amplification of the viral RNA strand. This test is typically used by scientists to amplify minute amounts of RNA, which can aid in detecting the virus in your body before you become infectious to those around you. It is one of the most authentic and trustworthy COVID-19 testing methods available out there. 

Our Other Covid-19 Testing Options Include:
  • Next-day RT-PCR tests guarantee results by noon (12 pm) on the following day.
  • The results of your 2-hour RT-PCR test are available within 2 hours of your test.
  • The results of your 30-minute RT-PCR test are available within 30-45 minutes of your test.
Where Can You Take The Covid-19 Tests? 

Are you wondering about the locations where you can get all the facilities by Affordable Rapid Testing? We have our clinics at: 


After taking a test, our expert team will email you the reports. Please make sure that you have provided the correct email address at the time of booking your slot. You can book a test either via our online portal or just avail of a walk-in service, whatever suits you the best. Hopefully, this blog answered all your questions. Call us or drop us an email at [email protected] for more details. 

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