Will I Get An STD If I Sleep With Someone Who Has An STD?

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The answer to whether one will contract an STD immediately after sleeping with an infected individual is variable depending on various factors like immunity and others. So, while it is quite possible that you won’t get infected, you should not use it as an excuse to not get tested. As per the CDC surveys, more than 20 million STD cases are reported each year. Therefore, STI tests should be a mandatory part of routine health checkups. Leaving an STD untreated can have severe consequences and also leaves you at potential risk of spreading the infection to others.

What factors impact the rate of STI transmission

Many factors can add to the possibility of contracting an STD. Some of them include:-

  • The infection type
  • How many STDs your partner is infected with
  • The infection rate in your blood or bodily secretions 
  • Duration of sexual activities
  • Presence of open sores or broken skin
  • Type of lubricants used (if used)
  • You and your partner’s gender
  • Your immune system and overall health
  • Type of sex you have engaged in (oral, vaginal or anal)
  • Whether you have used protection

What to do if one suspects that they have contracted an STD from their partner?

1. Consult a doctor

The first thing you need to do if you suspect that your partner has an STD is to consult a doctor. A doctor can diagnose the infection and help you get started on medications and treatment plans. 

2. Talk to your partner

STDs are a sensitive topic to discuss and can result in a harsh reaction from your partner if brought up. Try to approach the issue with a calm demeanor and assert the fact that STDs, like every other infectious disease, are not something one should be ashamed of. It is important to realize that an untreated STD can have a severe impact on both your and your partner’s health. 

3. Give yourself time to process your emotions

Living with an STI can be stressful considering the negative social stigma surrounding it. It might also raise suspicions of infidelity from your partner’s end and that thought might be debilitating to your relationship. Make sure that you seek help, be it professional or from a loved one who you can trust. 

4. Know that you aren’t alone in this fight

As per reports based on annual surveys, over 110 million U.S. citizens have suffered from an STD. As a matter of fact, 1 out of 6 people suffer from genital Herpes and still live out their lives as healthy individuals after getting treatment. You can consider joining local support groups or talking to others online to warm you up about how to approach this situation with tact. 

5. Get tested and get your partner tested

Although STDs have their fair share of negative connotations surrounding them, you need to consider getting tested if you are suspecting your partner of having contracted it. Most common STDs like Syphilis, Hepatitis C, Gonorrhea, Chlamydia and Herpes are completely treatable. Therefore, talk to your partner about getting tested and start treatments immediately.

6. Decide if you want to continue your relationship with an infected partner

In the end, you will have to take up the tough decision of whether or not you should stay with your partner who gave you an STD or not. If your partner has consciously exposed you to it without your consent, it is a serious breach of trust and may even require legal action. If it happened unknowingly, then the situation depends on your discretion. 

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With more and more people becoming aware of the deadly consequences of leaving an STD untreated, STD testing has become an essential part of a standard health checkup. More individuals are becoming open to getting STI test results by negating the social stigma surrounding it. However, care should be taken to avail of STI tests from reliable testing centers to get an accurate test result for proper diagnosis and treatment. Affordable Rapid Testing is one of the most reliable STD testing services in Arizona. With dedicated centers in Phoenix and Scottsdale, they specialize in providing hassle-free testing services with the promise of accurate test results. To know more about what they offer, you can visit their official website.

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