Everything You Need to Know COVID-19 Testing

Covid-19 rt-pcr test az

With the COVID-19 epidemic altering people’s life, numerous efforts have been implemented to stop its rapid spread. It has been a top goal to eliminate this life-threatening hazard. However, over the years, stringent COVID laws are being eased not only in the U.S. but all over the globe. It is best to stay safe rather than sorry despite this. Hence, getting tested on a routine basis is recommended to safeguard oneself and others. With people being more and more cautious, more efficient and reliable testing options are cropping up. Staring with RT-PCR testing, Rapid Antigen testing, and even at-home COVID testing kits, availing of tests has become a walk in the park for the general population. Learn more about COVID testing here. 

When should one get a COVID test?

Getting tested for COVID is a responsible thing to do for safeguarding yourself and others. Consider getting tested if you:-

  • If you’re experiencing symptoms, get tested as soon as possible.
  • If you’ve been exposed to someone COVID-19 but did not experience any symptoms, get a test at least after 5 days. Getting tested too soon might garner incorrect results.
  • If you work in a high-risk environment, you are more likely to be part of a testing program.
  • Consider getting tested if you have recently met someone who is more susceptible to COVID-19. 
  • Get tested if you live in a community with a medium to high COVID-19 Community Level.

Types of COVID tests

To detect SARS-CoV-2 (the COVID-19 virus), a sample collected from your nose or throat is sent to a testing lab. There are various types of COVID tests with some tests being preferred over others. They have been listed below:-

  • NAAT or RT-PCR: A NAAT test or a nucleic acid amplification test is a PCR-based test carried out in a laboratory. These tests are generally reliable and garner accurate results regardless of the individual being symptomatic or asymptomatic. These tests can identify viral genetic information, that can be detected within 90 days of infection. If you have tested positive for COVID within 90 days, consider getting a NAAT.
  • Antigen testing: This test garners quick test results within 15 to 30 minutes. However, they are not always reliable, especially when it comes to asymptomatic patients. A single antigen test result that is negative is not sufficient to rule out infections.  Negative antigen tests often require re-testing or serial testing at least after 48 hours to identify infection. A follow-up NAAT may also be advised for confirmation of the test result.
  • Self-testing kits: These are often known as at-home tests, are antigen tests that may be performed anywhere without the need to visit a testing facility. Follow the guidelines provided by the FDA and the manufacturer, on how many times you may need a test. Multiple negative test results may increase your confidence in not being infected with COVID-19. Self-tet kits can be ordered online. You can also get them for free at COVIDtests.gov.

A list of approved tests is also available on the FDA’s website. Negative results should be viewed as presumptive, as stated on the labeling for authorized over-the-counter antigen tests. Negative findings do not exclude SARS-CoV-2 infection and hence, it is not recommended to use as a main basis for treatment or choice of patient care. Consider checking the FDA’s guidelines before availing of COVID-19 at-home antigen tests.

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