Affordable Same Day COVID-19 Testing

Here at Affordable Rapid Testing, we offer accurate testing results with reliable daily turnaround times. We welcome both appointments, which can be made through our website, and walk-ins at our location just off the I-10 and Elliot Road, 10 minutes south of Sky Harbor Airport. This location features curb-side services where a lab assistant will be able to help you without ever having to leave your vehicle. 

The following types of tests are offered:

  • RT-PCR Test
  • 30 Minute Family Emergency RT-PCR Test
  • Rapid Antigen Test

Our tests are processed daily at our on-site lab, which allows us to provide you with our same-day guarantee. 



  • Same-day results, guaranteed by 8 PM (Must be done before 4pm)
  • Testing process time: ~15 minutes
  • $249

The rapid RT-PCR test is used to detect the presence of viral RNA strands. This test is both highly accurate and efficient. It also provides the capability to detect the virus before you become infectious, which has set the gold standard for international travel. If you are traveling out of the country, an RT-PCR test is likely required to board your international flight. We provide same day results, allowing travelers on tight timelines to make their flights.

The specificity of this test is >99% and the sensitivity is >98%.  

Rapid Antigen Test

  • Results are provided within 10 minutes after the test
  • Offers a faster, less expensive alternative.
  • $129

The rapid antigen test is used to detect the presence of viral proteins. This test is able to detect the virus at the peak of infection when a person’s body has the highest concentration of the COVID-19 virus protein. While this test offers you a faster and less expensive result than the molecular test, it does provide you with less accuracy as the sensitivity is 82.5%-96%.

The disadvantage of this test is that it is not as accurate in the detection of the COVID-19 virus, which may allow people to obtain a false negative. People with false negatives may spread the COVID-19 virus among others unknowingly.

30-Minute Family Emergency RT-PCR Test

  • This test also detects the presence of viral RNA strands, providing highly reliable and accurate results.
  • Results are provided within 30-45 minutes after the test.
  • Due to limited availability, these tests are provided only in emergency situations.
  • $349
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