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Why to pick Covid-19 Mobile Rapid antigen testing Service over PCR?

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Rapid RT-PCR Travel & Rapid Antigen Testing

If you wish to undergo a COVID 19 test for a travel deadline then you have to ensure that you take the test long before you travel, which might not be accepted by the airport authority at times. So the safest bet for you is to depend upon some agency which provides assured same day PCR or Next day PCR, but the best is to go for a rapid antigen testing which is also being accepted by most of the countries which is less time consuming and safe for the travel purpose as well. One can book an appointment with Affordable Rapid Testing for all covid-19 testing needs for traveling purposes.

Rapid Antigen Test is one of the popular methods of Test accepted by the Medical Research team for fast and accurate detection of Covid Virus. This test is endorsed for use in open areas as well.

Know-How on Rapid Antigen Detection Test:

A rapid test is done depending upon the collection of nasal swab samples which detects the antigen to be found within or on the virus. This test can be done outside a laboratory and does not require much instrument or device for the testing. It requires handheld cartridges and performs by combining the swab sample with a solution that releases exact viral proteins. That mixing is applied to a strip of paper which comprises of a bespoke antibody adjusted to drag these proteins if present. The chief objective of this test is to get a diagnostic result on an urgent basis.

The detection of antigen test depends mostly upon nasopharyngeal specimen so make it sure you are doing it from some experienced person. You can rely on us as we have a proficient and skilled team of professionals to serve you properly.

Reason for picking up Rapid antigen testing:

  • Rapid antigen tests can return results in 15-30 minutes compared with 24-48 hours for RT-PCR.
  • This test to be used as a screening tool in a community or the entire population in the U.S. Mainly to identify infected people quickly & including people who are asymptomatic, to isolate such people to break the transmission chain.
  • The process need not require a lab for testing and wait for days and you would get instant result.
  • Rapid antigen test is affordable & fast testing method
  • The sensitivity of rapid antigen test kits has been highly appreciated by the medical authorities as it can detect easily if a person is carrying a high viral load inside his body.


  • We provide our service on-site for group & corporate testing for company, organizations, groups, schools, and corporates. Where our skilled experts would visit your place, test and provide you the instant result after testing.
  • Apart from rapid antigen test we also provide PCR test with same day PCR test, Next Day PCR & two days PCR tests.
  • We provide a guaranteed report within 20 minutes from testing with our Rapid antigen test
  • We also provide fast test for travelers at Phoenix Harbor Airport or people who are traveling can drive through our Rapid Antigen test so they don’t have to wait in queue at airport for testing and results.
  • We provide different kinds of service including Same Day PCR test, Next day PCR test, rapid antigen test, airport testing and many more.

Our professional service is now at Phoenix AZ, Scottsdale AZ, Tempe AZ, Chandler AZ, Mesa AZ, Goodyear AZ, Peoria AZ, Glendale AZ, Paradise Valley, Sun Lakes and many more suburbs around Phoenix.

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