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Why Choose Affordable Rapid Testing for All Your Covid-19 Testing Needs?

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COVID 19 had started the spreading in 2019, therefore the need of finding and taking tests and developing solutions became priority to people. Test is required to combat this virus from spreading it, because lack of any previous knowledge about such a virus made it difficult to fight against it. With time the virus became more powerful by destroying lives in several countries around the world. However, gradually people became aware and they were able to search for the required remedies.

Swab specimen collection is the first and foremost need to detect a virus inside a human body. Specimen can be collected through a PCR Test or a Rapid Antigen Test and one can easily know if he/she is affected by the virus and can take necessary actions according to that.

Why a Covid-19 testing is necessary?

For a vigorous pre vaccine recovery, people must feel safe while going outside. Workers must feel safe and sound while going to work, parents must feel shielded while they are sending their kids to school, and customers must feel prudent while going to shopping, travelers must feel safe while traveling. Public health is the most important thing to consider in any place and that is why you must come for testing if you feel any uneasiness inside you during this difficult period.

Why Affordable Rapid Testing?

We, Affordable Rapid Testing is there to take care of your all Covid-19 testing requirement and provide you the report quickly, according to which you can decide the next step to be taken. We also provide onsite & group covid-19 testing through our Mobile testing Services.

We are operating in the metropolitan and the suburb localities of Phoenix. The Phoenix Harbor airport is just 15 mins from us so for travelers who want Same-Day PCR & rapid antigen test Results, for them we are the best options.


Covid19 tests, which we provide

  • Rapid Antigen Test: Which allow you to get a rapid antigen test done within minutes and the report will be delivered to you within just 15 to 20 minutes. Most of the countries are also accepting these test results, so Rapid Antigen Test is the one you should go for. We do bulk onsite & group rapid testing at the organizations too to ensure the safety of the employees as well.
  • PCR testing in Phoenix: We provide three type of PCR tests
    1. Same day PCR Test: We do a same day PCR test where you will be given the report within one day and that also at the earliest. If you get tested before 11 am.
    2. Next day PCR Test: If you have two or three days in your hand before traveling then you can go for a Next Day PCR test, which is affordable.
    3. Two days PCR Test.

Our Covid19 testing options:

  • Through our mobile testing services, our expert testing team would visit your place for Rapid testing requirement in Phoenix and nearby locations.
  • One can drive through our center and take a test. For travelers who are travelling they can easily drive through the test so they don’t have to stand in queue at airport for testing and for reports.

Our airport testing is the best service that we are providing nowadays. You can avoid the queue by booking a prior appointment with us and save your precious time before departure or after arrival at the airport.

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