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Which COVID-19 testing should I opt for?

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RT-PCR Covid-19 test for travel

The SARS-CoV-2 virus causes the COVID-19 infection. It spreads within a community very fast and people infected with the virus experience mild and moderate to severe respiratory illness. Therefore, if a person shows symptoms of fever, cough, sore throat, fatigue, headache, nausea, and so on, they must get tested for COVID-19. If test results are positive, they need to quarantine and stay in isolation to ensure they are not spreading the virus. This also stands true for people who think they might have come in contact with a person infected with the virus.

How can we do contactless COVID-19 testing?

Once a person registers for the same-day PCR Test or the RT-PCR test for travel at a clinic or lab, the authorities verify the details and provide a slot. Contactless testing is often done through a drive-through facility. Here, a person can get tested on the go. 

Laboratories operate a proper spacious parking space where trained technicians collect swabs and do the COVID-19 testing. A person can be comfortably seated inside their car and get tested. If a person has to catch a flight or needs a test immediately, they can quickly park at the nearby drive-through testing facility. Results are typically delivered within an hour. It is swift, hassle-free, and an effective way to get tested.

How is a 30-minute RT-PCR COVID-19 test done?

While traveling, you need a negative COVID-19 test report within a stipulated time. The 30 minutes RT-PCR COVID-19 test is convenient because only these reports are valid for travel and confirm whether the person is safe to travel. A nasal swab is collected, which detects the presence of the viral RNA even before a person is capable of infecting others. The results are usually declared within 45 minutes. However, you must confirm with your travel destination/airline for the acceptance of the nasal swab test results.

Rapid covid test phoenix scottsdale

What is the difference between the next-day RT-PCR and the same-day RT-PCR COVID-19 Test?

Unlike the same-day RT-PCR tests, next-day RT-PCR COVID-19 tests deliver reports the next day, usually by noon or night. On the same day RT-PCR, you get the test results within a stipulated time that day itself. As a result, you can save multiple visits to the lab on separate days when you are running on a tight schedule. Either way, the RT-PCR test is a gold standard test for boarding international flights. Nonetheless, make sure you check before booking.

How is mobile testing helpful?

Mobile testing vehicles are generally operated from a specific point where you can take your car and get tested. However, it is often impossible to visit the lab when an entire family or a large group needs to get tested. If a large group is showing symptoms and needs to be checked, vehicles are dispatched from nearby labs at a certain fee. The advantage of mobile testing services here is that an unlimited amount of patients can be tested at the same appointment time. It is convenient, time-saving, and efficient. 

Follow CDC for the latest COVID-19 guidelines

The CDC releases daily updates about active cases and the latest news and guidelines regarding COVID-19. You can visit the CDC website to stay updated. Community transmissions are high, primarily due to the Omicron variant. Therefore, it is vital to get tested and isolate yourself if you have contracted the COVID-19 infection. Vaccination on a large scale remains one of the most effective strategies to contain the spread.


With over 10000 plus successful testings, Affordable Rapid Testing offers safe and affordable FDA-approved nasopharyngeal swab tests for COVID-19. Options include Same-Day RT-PCR travel testing, Rapid COVID-19 test, and others with guaranteed results.

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