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Is COVID Back Again? Where Can You Find An Affordable Rapid RT-PCR Covid-19 Test in Phoenix?

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rapid antigen & RT-PCR test near me

It’s June 2022, and COVID cases have once again snatched the news headlines all over the world. It seems like the threat of the deadly virus is back to haunt us again! Talking about the states of America, new cases continue to mount up at a steady rate. An average of 33 daily new cases per 100,000 Americans was reported in the last week. Worrying about being safe amidst the chaos once again? Fortunately, you can again go for an affordable Rapid RT-PCR Covid-19 test if you live somewhere near Phoenix, Arizona, or Scottsdale.

Is It the Fourth Wave of COVID-19 in the USA and all over the World? 

Well, as per reports till 7th June, there were approximately 30,236.6 confirmed COVID cases per 100,000 Phoenix residents. That calls for your concern if you live somewhere near, right?

Are you wondering “where can you find the best, affordable Covid-19 test in Phoenix, Scottsdale & nearby?” There’s only one answer for all the residents of Phoenix, Arizona, and Scottsdale: It’s Affordable Rapid Testing

Why Choose Affordable Rapid Testing for RT-PCR Covid-19 Test? 

Affordable Rapid Testing can be your one-stop solution for affordable RT-PCR & other Covid-19 Tests. Feeling like you have potential COVID symptoms? Have a flight to catch within a few days? Whatever your requirements are, this popular diagnostic center is here to hold your hands for all your COVID testing needs. 

What makes the testing center stand out amidst the competition? The best part about the expert team is that they understand the urgency of the situation and hence offer accurate results on the day you take the test itself. If you have a travel emergency, you can get a guaranteed test result with a travel certificate issued by the experts.

Are you looking for something very convenient? Come get tested at the Affordable Rapid Testing center where the medical team accepts both online and walk-in appointments for the same-day rapid RT_PCR travel testing. Dealing with the pandemic will become easier and smarter when you are backed up with the right information and timely facilities. 

What All Will You Get for COVID-19 RT-PCR Tests? 

Affordable Rapid Testing diagnostic center is the best answer to your query- “ where can I get RT-PCR test rapid results near me in Phoenix, Arizona?” 

Wondering what all the services they provide here? Before getting into the details, here are some exciting deals for you to grab:

  • Now you can save $10 on your RT-PCR Covid-19 tests by paying online with the code: PREPAY50 
  • If you choose Antigen tests over RT-PCR and pay in cash, you just need to pay $65 rather than $99 via card or online.

Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?  For more additional information or questions, feel free to call at (480) 923-5232. 

Let’s move on to discussing other Rapid Antigen and RT-PCR Covid-19 test options now! 

  1. Affordable Same day Travel RT-PCR Testing

Need to get a COVID-19 test report quickly but don’t know how? The experts of Affordable Rapid Testing are here to help you with any last-minute same-day rapid PCR testing requirements. Make sure you’re ready to go with the quick and painless RT-PCR testing services so you don’t miss your flight!

  1. Double Rapid Antigen Testing 

 You can either book an online appointment for a double rapid antigen testing or else you can get it done on arrival as well. Typically, you will get accurate, guaranteed results after 30-60 minutes of taking the test. 

  1. Same-Day RT-PCR Testing  by 9 PM 

Don’t have even one day left to catch your flight? Are you feeling like you have the possible symptoms of COVID? Are you searching online like “where can I get an instant travel PCR test near me?” Affordable Rapid Testing provides the results by 9 pm on the same day of your test. 

  1. Get Your RT-PCR Results on Next Day By Noon

If you have at least one day time in hand and want to opt for a cheaper option, you can go for the RT-PCR test or Rapid Antigen test that will deliver an error-free result by noon on the day after the test.  

  1. Rapid Antibody IgG Test

You can expect the results by 30-60 minutes after taking the test. 

What Are The Perks of Taking A RT-PCR Test Here?

Are you still not sure of the safety of taking a same-day rapid testing facility from this reputable diagnostic center in Arizona? Here are the benefits: 

Testing with No Contact

You don’t have to step out of your vehicle because the clinic has drive-through testing facilities and plenty of parking. The expert lab assistants will handle your tests and reports while you remain inside your car. 

Results Delivered Over Email

The experts of Affordable Rapid Testing not only care about your health and well-being but also respect your privacy. Your test reports are QR code protected and you will receive them via an email, simple! 

On-Time, Accurate Results 

The experts stand by the promise to deliver results within the time frame specified. With the PCR tests, you can be confident that you will receive your reports on time and will not miss a flight!

What Are You Still Waiting For? 

Call or book an appointment online for the Scottsdale and Phoenix laboratories. Affordable Rapid Testing’s Phoenix labs are only 4 and 15 minutes from the airport, respectively. Other than that, you can also get same-day rapid RT-PCR testing done at the Scottsdale or Sun City branches. 

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