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What To Say When You Want To Get Tested for STDs?

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Sexual wellness plays a vital role in our day-to-day life. One should be open-minding when it comes to talking about testing for STDs if any kind of difficulty arises. However, to this date, people still hesitate to inform or get treated when they are diagnosed with one. 

It is even harder to talk to your partner about your sexual health. If STDs are left untreated they can cause problems in the future. STD tests are quick, painless, and sometimes free of cost. Even though it is not included in your regular medical exams, you can ask your nurse or the doctor about it. Be honest with your doctor about your sex life because it will help you figure out which tests are best for you. 

Here we have discussed in detail about what to say when you want to get tested for STDs. 

What is an STD test? 

STD or Sexually Transmitted Diseases are bacterial, viral or parasitic infections transmitted via sexual intercourse or contact. An STD test determines the type of STD you have so you can take corrective measures for it. 

STDs are common if you have multiple sexual partners and do not practice safe sex. You must get yourself checked when any symptoms arise. However, in many cases, there aren’t any symptoms at all. So it is imperative to get yourself tested if you can identify your risk factors and sexual behaviors. 

Why get tested for STDs?

STDs have a plethora of risk factors that can harm our health. There are plenty of reasons why you should get tested for STDs. Here are some reasons why you should get tested for STDs:-

  • STD symptoms do not show easily. 
  • Individuals with no sexual experience can also contract STDs. 
  • It ensures a safe and healthy relationship with your partner.
  • It a fundamental rule in the practice of safe sex. 
  • It builds respect between you and your partner. 

Who should get tested for STDs?

Sexual health concerns are valid and anyone can get tested for STDs. However, you can get tested if you qualify for the options listed below:-

  • If you recently had a risky sexual encounter. 
  • You have symptoms of a potential STD. 
  • If you are about to start a new relationship and you want to know the status of your sexual health. 

Consequences of not getting tested for STDs

It is pivotal to get tested for STDs if you are facing symptoms. However, even if you do not face any symptoms, it is integral to get tested for STDs to ensure healthy living. Here are the consequences of not getting tested for STDs. They are:-

  • Infertility 
  • Ectopic pregnancy 
  • Inflammatory pelvic diseases 
  • Meningitis and bladder problems 
  • Reduced life expectancy
  • Liver carcinoma

How to talk to your doctor about STD testing?

Talking to a doctor might seem intimidating. Not talking to one to get an STD test, can cause serious trouble in the future. Here are the ways you can talk to your doctor to undergo testing for STDs: 

  • Finding a proper doctor: A proper doctor without the fear of judgment or embarrassment is a go-to option to talk about STDs. Make sure you read the online reviews and choose a doctor based on your preference. 
  • Be Prepared: Be prepared about what you want to talk about. Do not beat around the bush and jump right into the opportunity to ask the questions. Remember, you have a very limited time with your doctor, utilize it to the fullest. 
  • Ask Questions: Asking questions regarding the testing for STDs is important. Hence, feel free to ask your doctor more about it. The doctor is not going to scold or judge you for your decisions. Explain your concerns regarding your sexual health, precisely. Talk to them if you have faced any abnormalities recently. Do not hide anything from them. 

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Sexual wellness should always be of utmost priority among individuals. You must know about your sexual health and make quick decisions about it. You can check out Affordable Rapid STD Testing in Phoenix, Arizona. They provide hassle-free STD testing with complete privacy. You can also avail of walk-in appointments.

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