What Should I Do If My Partner Refuses To Get STD Tests

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STDs like Chlamydia, Syphilis, and Gonorrhoea have reportedly affected millions of lives throughout the world. As a result, it is critical to not only obtain STD tests result but also to notify your partner or anyone with whom you have had intimate contact. 

Living with STDs can challenging, leave alone the serious ramifications it can lead to if left untreated. Getting tested is a responsible thing to do, but is not always easy. It can be equally difficult to communicate with one’s partner about STD tests and whether or not they are open to the idea of getting tested. Here’s some advice that can help.

How to bring up the conversation

Living with STDs is not an option if you want to lead a quality life. If your partner is apprehensive about getting tested, here are some ways you can ease him into a conversation to turn him around on this subject.

Ask why they don’t want to get tested

Before making unjustified presumptions, politely ask them why they are opposed to testing.  One of the most prevalent reasons for getting tested is that they are aware of their position and feel ashamed about being judged. The most typical cause for your partner’s resistance to being tested is also a strong belief that they do not have an STD. Thirdly, they might regard STD testing as forbidden and improper. Hearing them out might help them vent out their frustrations regarding this subject, making it all the more easy for you to convince them

Discuss and explain the importance of testing

Not everyone is well-versed in sexual health and illness. With the majority of STIs having no apparent symptoms, most people don’t have much knowledge about STDs. Hence, instead of condemning your partner for not being caring and aware enough, underline the risk that an untreated STD carries. It’s natural to be overwhelmed by emotions, but remember that rationality always wins. 

Don’t judge

Don’t be disappointed if you find out that your partner had hidden their history of STDs from you and that is the reason why they are reluctant to be tested. Keep a clear head and make them feel wanted. Ensure them that you are in this together and you should also get tested together. 

Use yourself as an example if you have testing experience

Mentioning your personal testing history can ease some of the burden off your partner’s shoulders, especially have previous experience in STD testing. Perhaps what your partner requires is the reassurance that you will be beside them in each stage. Not only will it help them build trust in the process, but since it is from their own partner, it is easier to consider undergoing STD testing. 

Show him/her the pros of getting tested

Instead of fussing and whining all day, reassure your partner with positive affirmations about STD tests. Tell him/her how much you sex life can improve and be enjoyable if both of you exercise caution. Reassure them about how much you care about their well-being and health. Not can this help them build a sense of security, but also the enthusiasm to lead a healthier life by getting tested for STDs. 

Make things simple

Your partner is most likely terrified of getting tested or demotivated because they might not know where to get tests from and which one to avail. The entire process might seem overwhelming. What you need to do in these cases is to help them work their head around the issue. You can start by locating the nearest and most-reliable facility for STD testing and bookiing an appointment. If your partner believes that going to a standard healthcare provider, such as a hospital, is too daunting, opt for a sexual health. 

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