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What is The Drug-free Workplace Policy?

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drug screening for employee Workplace drug testing

With more and more accidents caused because of substance abuse, the drug-free work policy has been imposed to ensure the safety of both employees and others. As per research conducted by the U.S. Department of Labor, nearly 9% of full-time workers abuse illicit substances or are heavy drinkers with some even taking drugs during normal work hours.

Drug abuse has not only led to increasing absences, illness rates, injuries, and compensation costs for workers but has also lowered productivity and workplace integrity. A drug-free workplace program imposes mandatory drug screening for employee in order to optimize workplace safety. Workplace drug testing also encourages employees to discontinue substance use by seeking help

What is a “drug-free” workplace?

A drug-free workplace is one that leaves no stone unturned when it comes to the prevention of drug use amongst employees both in and out of work premises. It involves stringent drug use policies as well as routine and randomized drug testing for all employees. In a drug-free workplace, all illegal activities related to drug use are strongly discouraged. Violating such policies may lead to dire consequences and might even cause a loss of jobs in the long run. 

It also prevents the use of legal and controlled substances like painkillers and marijuana while on the job. Employees under the influence of drugs can be a potential risk for themselves, their colleagues, and the general public. A positive drug test for both controlled and illegal substances after a drug screening for employee might also lead to job termination even if they are not under influence at that very time. A drug-free policy in a workplace is set in place to ensure that safety and integrity are maintained at their optimum level. 

What activities are involved in a drug-free workplace policy?

A drug-free workplace policy involves the following:-

  • Prohibition of drug use
  • Manufacturing of illegal drugs
  • Distribution of illegal drugs
  • Dispensation of illegal drugs
  • Sale of illegal drugs
  • Purchase of illegal drugs
  • Transfer of illegal drugs
  • Possession of illegal drugs
  • Encouraging another employee to take illegal drugs
  • Abusing legal and controlled substances aside from medicinal purposes

Using recreational marijuana in a drug-free workplace if is legal in one’s state

Essentially, a drug-free workplace also prohibits the use of recreational marijuana which is considered illegal under federal policy. As per federal and state law, drug-free workplaces are not a mandate. It is completely up to the discretion of your organization to implement any drug prevention regulations, as long as they remain fair, non-invasive, and impartial.

Are drug-free workplaces mandated by the law?

Drug-free workplaces are not mandatory for all organizations. As per the Drug-Free Workplace Act, any organization that has a federal contract of a minimum of 100,000 USD or a federal grant has to incorporate a drug-free policy in their workplace. 

When should drug-free workplaces deploy drug screening?

As per the policy of your organization, incorporating a drug-free workplace need to be performed at numerous employment stages. They include:

  • Pre-employment
  • Randomized 
  • After a workplace accident or incident 
  • Reasonable suspicion

What kind of drug screens are involved in a drug-free workplace?

  • Saliva testing
  • Urine testing
  • Breathalyzer
  • Hair testing
  • Blood testing

Who should receive drug screens?

An organization that imposes a drug-free work policy needs to screen any employee who:-

  • Works with children
  • Drives a mobile machine or automobile
  • Guards a waterfront
  • Handles power tools, machinery, or equipment
  • Works with hazardous chemicals
  • CDL Drivers

Should my organization require its employees to sign an Acknowledgment and Consent form?

As a drug-free organization, you need to ensure that you have the consent of all employees. They are required to sign an Acknowledgment and Consent form where they agree to uphold the policies of a drug-free workplace prior to employment.

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