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 STD testing is a crucial part of safeguarding your health especially if you have an active sexual history. It not only updates you about your well-being but also educates you about the other STDs you might be carrying. 

With the ease of 8 full-panel STD testing individuals afflicted with multiple STDs can get tested all in one go. The most common STDs may also mimic symptoms common to each disease. 8-full panel STD testing comes in handy in such cases, as they can detect 8 common types of STDs. 

They include Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, Herpes, Syphilis, Hepatitis A, B and C and HPV. In this article, let’s learn in detail about the nitty-gritty of 8 full-panel tests for STDs and what to expect from them. 

Why get 8 full-panel STD testing? 

Not all STDs show symptoms, as most infected individuals are often asymptomatic. Hence, it becomes impossible for the individual to determine whether they have been infected or not. 

Getting a regular 8 full-panel STD testing is a failsafe way of knowing if you have contracted an STD and maintaining your peace of mind. It should be considered a periodic mandatory procedure if you are sexually active. 

Importance of understanding STD testing 

Before undergoing STD tests, it is essential to understand and identify the various types of STDs before booking an appointment for an 8 full-panel STD testing. Some of the common symptoms one can experience if they have been infected are:- 

STDs Symptoms 
GonorrheaThick and cloudy blood dischargeAnal itching Pus-like discharge from the rectum Strain during bowel movements Eye pain Sensitivity to light Pus-like discharge from both eyes
Syphilis FeverLymph nodesPatchy hair lossSore throatWeight loss Muscle achesFatigueHeadaches
Herpes BlistersUlcers around lips, anus, or genitals
Chlamydia Pain during urinationUnusual vaginal discharge Pain in stomach and pelvis Pain during sexPain post-sexBleeding post-sexBleeding between periods
Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Itchy warts around their vagina, penis, or anusGenerally asymptomatic
Hepatitis AYellow eyes and skinLoss of appetiteIBSVomitingStomach painFeverDark or light-colored urine or stoolDiarrhea 
Hepatitis B FeverNausea/ VomitingAppetite lossFatigueDark UrineAbdominal pain Clay-colored stool 
Hepatitis C Yellow skin and eyes Loss of appetiteStomach painVomitingDark urine Light-colored stoolJoint painNausea and tiredness

What to Prepare Before an 8 Full-Panel STD test? 

There is no such special preparation one has to take before doing an 8 full-panel STD testing. However, it is highly recommended that one must avoid urination for at least an hour. 

This in turn ensures the urine sample is concentrated enough to perform accurate testing.  Another thing that needs to be kept in mind before preparing for STD testing, one should avoid any sexual activity 24 hours before the test. 

What You Can expect During an 8 Full-Panel STD test? 

STD testing is a vital component if one is looking to live a healthy life. It’s important to understand the various types of STDs and the ways to prevent them. If one goes through an early detection of STDs, one can get a prompt treatment easily safeguarding their health and also preventing the spread. 

Once you book an appointment for an STD test, there are many ways your doctor will test you for STDs. These methods may include:- 

  • Blood samples from either a finger prick or blood draw 
  • Urine sample
  • Oral swab
  • A swab from the genitals: urethra in men and cervix for women
  • A swab of a discharge or a sore spot

The sample is sometimes tested in the health lab itself or can be sent to the health provider’s office for further screening. It completely depends upon the infection type the doctors are dealing with. 

Choose Affordable Rapid Testing for The Cheapest 8 Full-Panel Tests 

An 8 full-panel test has several advantages, including being foolproof, with a high accuracy rate. Consider making it a periodic procedure if you are sexually active. Acknowledging the importance of STD testing and the dangers of STDs is the best way to break the stigma around STDs. It makes people aware and breaks the chain of transmission that can prevent STDs. Fostering open communication about STDs would not only create public awareness but would also help in preventing STDs on a larger scale. 

STD testing always requires consent and guidance. You can get a reliable 8 full-panel STD test done at Affordable Rapid Testing, Arizona. With numerous walk-in testing centers in Phoenix and Scottsdale and experts with industry-level experience, they provide 100% accurate test results in the shortest span of time. To know more about their services, check out their website. 

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