What Happens When I Get Tested For STDs?

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People are gradually developing an awareness of STDs and the dangers of living with an untreated STD. Hence, many of them make it a point to get tested during periodic health check-ups or opt for general testing services that are available widely. There are numerous affordable or free STD testing and treatment options available. If you are sexually active, consider getting an STD test as a routine procedure to take control of your sexual and general health. Here is a comprehensive guide for first-timers who want to get a heads-up about what to expect if they book an appointment for their first STD test. 

What is involved in the general STD testing process?

Each STD requires a specific test and is generally simple, quick, and painless and may involve the following:

  • A urine test: Where you need to provide your urine sample in a cup
  • A swab test: Where the insides of your mouth, throat, or genital region will be rubbed with a cotton swab to collect cell samples or fluid samples of any open sores caused by STDs.
  • A blood test: Where your doctor or nurse will use a syringe to draw blood from your arm or use a finger prick.
  • A physical exam: Where your doctor or nurse will inspect your genital area for sores, warts, rashes, discomfort, or discharge.

Most STDs may be tested for regardless of having symptoms. Some STDs have the same symptoms; hence, you may be tested for several infections. If you have an STD, your doctor might be able to detect it straight away. However, some lab tests can take hours to even several days or weeks to complete. 

Do you require a doctor’s prescription to avail of an STD test?

STD testing isn’t typically included in a general checkup or a gynaecologist appointment. If you are experiencing symptoms and require a test, you need to make a request to get one personally. The first thing you need to do is be open with your nurse or physician about everything regarding your sexual life so they can help you decide which tests are right for you. 

You need not feel ashamed while asking if you need an STD test because your health practitioner needs to know thorough details about your medical and sexual history to diagnose you or ask you to get tested. You can approach your doctor or nurse about STD testing by asking questions like:-

  • I’ve never had an STD test. Should I get one?
  • Have you ever checked for STDs on my previous checkups?
  • What STDs do I need to look out for? How to know if I need a test?

If you aren’t comfortable discussing STDs with your general physician, you can always opt for the nearest health centre or a walk-in testing clinic. 

How to determine if you need an STD test

Your health practitioner will assist you in determining which tests you require. You need to inform them about:-

  • Any symptoms you’re experiencing
  • If you or your partner have a history of STDs,
  • The number of individuals with whom you’ve engaged in sexual activity
  • The type of sexual contact you’ve had (oral, vaginal, anal intercourse, skin-to-skin genital touch, or the exchange of reproductive fluids)
  • How frequently do you utilize protection, such as condoms and dental dams?
  • Other behaviours that increase your risk of infection (like sharing needles)

What if the result comes back positive?

It might be upsetting to learn that you have an STD, but you need not worry. Many STDs are readily treated with medicine, so you may simply complete your treatment and move on with your life. Even if some STDs cannot be healed, there are several treatment options. Always remember that people having STDs can have sex, be in relationships, and go about their daily lives normally.

When you discover you have an STD, the best thing you can do is:-

  • Follow your doctor’s treatment recommendations. 
  • Inform anybody with whom you are having sex so that they may be checked and treated if necessary. 
  • Refrain from having sex till you are cured completely. 

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