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The Truth About RT-PCR Covid-19 Test And USA Travel Requirements

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RT-PCR Covid-19 test for travel

With the Omicron variant of the COVID-19 virus continuing to spread, the Biden administration announced new travel rules. Everyone visiting the USA needs to test negative for COVID-19 within one day before they fly. This is to try and slow the spread of the Omicron variant which has a much longer incubation period than the previous records. Will RT-PCR test for travel work anymore?  Let’s find out below!

Unfortunately, the Omicron virus has already caused a large outbreak in California. Only vaccinated international travelers can enter the US, however, unvaccinated US citizens can return. Contrary to what you may have heard, this new announcement doesn’t include a travel ban. However, it is still a significant policy change that will impact anyone traveling internationally, especially if you’re planning to visit the USA.

Is it possible to take the RT-PCR Covid-19 Test within one calendar day?

The testing regulation might seem like an impossible task—particularly for those who booked a trip without knowing a new law—but it doesn’t have to be. While the next few days may be complicated for some travelers trying to meet the new rules, if you’re planning to travel in the future, mapping out a plan and getting tested within one day of your flight can be an easily-navigable part of your travel itinerary.

Are you wondering how is that possible? All you need is to find out a quality COVID testing center that provides your accurate results on the same day!

Yes, you read it right. Getting the results of a same-day PCR test is possible now with reputed testing centers available everywhere in the world.

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Important Information For Your Upcoming USA Trip! 

If you’re looking forward to traveling to the United States anytime soon, you’ll need to meet U.S. Government requirements for foreign travelers in addition to those requirements of the Canadian Government. You’ll need to present proof of both of the following:

  • Vaccination certificated of both the dosages if you are 18 years or older
  • A negative result of RT-PCR tests for 2 years of age or older

all air passengers to the U.S., including those in transit, must present a negative COVID-19 test result taken right before the day of catching their flight.

What kind of Covid-19 test does one need?

While traveling to the United States, you’ll need to take a SARS-CoV-2⁠ test, which includes a swab test to identify a specific antibody⁠. Eligibility for entry into the United States is determined by the CDC⁠. So, make sure to choose a testing clinic that follows all the guidelines of the CDC.  A telehealth professional needs to observe the RT-PCR Covid-19 Test and verify the accuracy of your result. So, choose a reputable clinic like Affordable Rapid Testing without wasting much time! We wish you a safe and seamless journey.

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  1. I am flying out of the country (USA) on Jan 3 and need PCR test. I am going to Israel. How soon do I have to schedule a test?.I leave for Israel January 3, 3022

    1. Hi Deborah, which city you are from ? We only operate in Phoenix and Scottsdale Arizona. Regarding test results, you can get result as soon as 30 mins.

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