The Omicron Variant: How long does it take to recover?

Omicron - same day rt-pcr testing

With its symptoms similar to that of the common cold, many people around the world have categorized the Omicron variant as some mere flu. But if that is the scenario, why are still so many people hospitalized? Why occurrences of death still are on the newsfeed? Moreover, is an RT-PCR COVID-19 test enough to detect the variant? Studies are still going on to understand this variant in full-spectrum. So, we must be careful and follow the relevant safety measures.

How is Omicron different from other variants?

Research has shown that Omicron is less severe than both the alpha and the delta variants, but the transmission and spread are much worse than the other two. With its significantly higher rate of asymptomatic spread, the person exposed to the virus can develop symptoms within three days. 

What are the symptoms of Omicron?

The common symptoms include cough, fever, congestion, fatigue, sore throat, and runny nose. The loss of smell and taste, which were rampant in the earlier variants, are not found in many cases. The symptoms of Omicron are pretty similar to that of the other variants but vary from person to person. Also, the effect is different for mild and severe cases. 

How long does it usually take to recover from Omicron?

Vaccination status, age, and overall health are critical factors related to the patient’s recovery. But it is also true that most of the population does not require critical hospital care. However, it is still quite a dangerous disease for the unvaccinated and geriatric population due to the associated respiratory problems. Therefore, such people should get an RT-PCR COVID-19 test if symptoms arise. 

After COVID 19 testing, if the symptoms are mild, the recovery time is between one to two weeks depending on the health conditions, but if the symptoms are severe, it can take more than 5 weeks.

Is COVID 19 testing at home possible?

As hospitals are already burdened with a significant number of cases, at-home testing kits or Rapid COVID-19 testing play a very effective part in controlling the surge. The kits are available online or offline without prescriptions. One can also book appointments for the RT-PCR COVID-19 Test from home, get tested at their nearest lab, and provide the reports within a few hours or the next day, as per the need.

Recovering from the Omicron variant and CDC guidelines

Having mild symptoms will take less time to recover than severe ones. After 4-5 weeks, the cough and the fever will simmer down, but the fatigue and weakness will still be there. Even while recovering either at home or while traveling, you must wear well-fitting masks. Consultation with a doctor is mandatory if you need to travel during recovery. Also, you need to have the RT-PCR COVID-19 Test results on you if you are planning to travel internationally into the United States. Follow the CDC website for more information on the Omicron variant.


Although many people test positive even after completing the vaccination course, it is recommended that everyone get the vaccines to avoid disease severity. Also, if you have symptoms, it is mandatory to undergo COVID 19 testing, which will help you take precautions and contain the spread. Affordable Rapid Testing with its multiple services like rapid COVID testing or Same-Day Travel testing is entirely accurate and provides hassle-free services in and around Phoenix, Arizona.

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