Is It Mandatory To Take an RT-PCR Test Report To Travel On A Flight?

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If you are traveling by air soon, it is important to take note of the precautions and protocols meted out by different countries. RT-PCR tests are made mandatory in various countries to ensure the traveler is not carrying the SARS-CoV-2 virus. For starters, you can try searching for an RT-PCR test near me on your preferred browser if you have a flight booked. 

In the US and UK for example, such tests are required on a case-specific basis. If the passenger is traveling from countries such as China, Hong Kong, etc, the tests are mandatory since these countries have been considered high risk. This step is taken to minimize the spread of the virus through contagious travelers. 

However, mass vaccination drives have been carried out in many countries. Therefore, travelers with the certificate of double vaccination are free to travel domestically and internationally among many countries as well. Hence, make sure to check the guidelines before you embark on a journey. 

Differences between RT-PCR and Rapid Antigen tests

There are various types of COVID-19 tests available. RT-PCR and Rapid testing, among them, are the two most common methods opted for by individuals for COVID-19 tests. Keep reading to figure out which test is more suitable for you. 

RT-PCR TestRapid Antigen Test
Detects minute traces of the virus in the body by amplifying a small portion of the genetic material of the virus multiple times.Antigens are the traces of protein on the surface of the virus that is detected by this test. 
More widely accepted because of its higher accuracy. Will not be able to detect smaller fragments, and therefore less reliable. 
It is a time-consuming process which requires at least a day. The test results can be accessed within an hour, usually completed within fifteen to twenty minutes. 
The elaborate test is considerably expensive.Cost-effective test. 

Since different countries have varying policies, you should check which types of tests are allowed in your case, and plan ahead of your flight time to get it done. 

When should I take the RT-PCR test?

Doing the RT-PCR test too early or too late might be problematic. The guidelines for most countries recommend that passengers do the test 72 hours before their flight. A test taken earlier is considered ineffective. An individual may get infected during the long duration between their test and flight. 

On the other hand, the RT-PCR test takes a significant amount of time. You may not be able to access your results if you do it at the last minute. Hence, most countries usually ask the passengers to take the test between 48-96 hours from their flight time. To be well prepared, you should stay updated about the nearest testing centers by searching for ‘RT-PCR tests near me’ on the internet. 

Do I need to take an RT-PCR test even if I had COVID-19 recently?

For individuals who have recovered from COVID-19 recently, you will probably still need to take the viral test. In the US for example, additional documents for recovery are mandatory along with the negative viral test. 

Although, it is best to wait for a longer duration before taking your RT-PCR tests. The test is very accurate as it will pick up fragments even from a patient who has already recovered. 

Even if you may not be infectious, the test may still come as positive. Hence, a minimum period of three months is recommended before a person goes to take the RT-PCR test after recovery. 

What happens if I test positive? 

You will be required to postpone your flight if your RT-PCR test results come back positive. A positive test indicates you have been infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus. You will immediately have to go into isolation until you test negative for the same signifying that you are no longer infectious. 

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