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Same Day Rapid STD testing Phoenix Gonorrhoea

Get the STD test done within just 30 minutes near Phoenix, AZ!

If you stay in Phoenix and in the nearby area you are searching for a center for STD screening then you are at the right pace. Now you can get yourself tested to attain your mental peace just within 30 minutes of time. Whereas most drug screening centers take up to one or two weeks to deliver the test results, Affordable rapid testing assures you to endow with the results within the same day you are getting tested.

STD testing and Privacy:

We care for your privacy and you can rest assured that there will not be any kind of data breach from our end. We take care of the discreteness of our clients and thereby we maintain strict protocols to hide your identity. It is not possible for your partner or your doctor to know that you are being tested here with us and we confirm that no one will know about the test results as well. We keep it discreet from your insurance agency as well as your card holding bank.

STD testing and expert care:

You should be careful about the test methods which need professional expertise and we ensure you with the same. Our skilled technicians make sure that your samples are collected correctly. We help you to get back your peace of mind with the healthcare specialists we possess. We provide you with quick results so that you can get back to your everyday life quickly without worrying much. Unlike others, we ensure you a really fast report that you can attain on the very same day of getting tested.

 STD testing near Phoenix:

It does not matter whether you are testing STDs for personal or professional reasons, affordable rapid testing is always there to address your needs.  If you have come close to contact with someone or need the test results for routine requirements in your office, you can always reach us as we are just near you in Phoenix. You can book a prior appointment before your visit or you can just walk into our clinic and get yourself tested.

Various STD testing options with Affordable Rapid Testing:

As we are concerned about the sexual health of people around us so in Affordable rapid testing you will be offered various kinds of STD testing according to your requirement:

  • Female Premium STD Panel Testing
  • Male Premium STD Panel Testing
  • Female STD Panel testing
  • Male STD Panel Testing
  • Standard STD Panel Testing
  • HIV 1/2 AG/AB Combo Testing

In each kind of testing, you will be provided the test report within 30 to 60 minutes of testing. We not only maintain time while handing over the results but at the same time we are conscious about accuracy too. Our only concern is to provide you with mental peace.

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