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Signs of Syphilis in a Woman

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common STD/STI Syphilis Tests for women

What is Syphilis? 

Syphilis is a menacing bacterial infection spread via sexual contact. As per the CDC stats, women are more prone to contract Syphilis than men. However, regardless of gender, it is important to know about the symptoms of this disease to get tested, diagnosed and treated. Pregnant mothers can also infect their unborn foetuses with Syphilis if they contract it. Therefore, an STI test for women is a mandate if one notices the signs. 

There are countless common STD Tests for women that can help detect early signs. Early Syphilis is easily curable with Penicillin. Untreated Syphilis can cause severe damage to the brain, heart or other organs leading to even life-threatening conditions. 

How is Syphilis spread? 

Syphilis is generally spread via direct contact with a Syphilis sore during vaginal, oral, or anal sex. Syphilis can spread easily from person to person even if their mucous membranes or skin comes in contact with these sores. Therefore, getting tested is imperative for women. STD tests can also prevent pregnant mothers from spreading this disease to their unborn foetuses if they contract it. 

What are the signs and symptoms of Syphilis? 

The signs and symptoms of Syphilis in an individual have been divided into the following stages:-

  • Primary Stage:-

The primary Syphilis symptoms start showing between 10 to 90 days and an average of 21 days after the first exposure. The symptoms have been listed below:- 

  • Open sore(s) on the oral, genital or anal region. 
  • The sore(s) occur on the region where Syphilis entered and infected the body. 
  • The sore(s) are usually painless and therefore, can be difficult to locate on the rectum or vagina. 
  • With or without treatment, the sore(s) can last up to 3 to 6 weeks. 
  • Secondary Stage 

Undetected and untreated Syphilis can cause the infection to proceed towards the second stage. The symptoms are listed below:- 

  • Symptoms in this stage typically show up as a rash that appears on one or multiple areas of the body. They are more like red, or reddish-brown spots that one may notice on the palms or soles of their feet. This rash is often faint and goes unnoticed.
  • Other symptoms may include fever, sore throat, swollen lymph glands and wart-like lesions that develop in warm and moist areas. 
  • Victims also experience patchy hair loss, weight loss, headaches, muscle aches, or fatigue.
  • Latent and Late Stage

Untreated Syphilis for a considerable amount of time can lead to the latent stage of Syphilis. Symptoms of the latent stage of this disease are as follows:-

  • Difficulty in muscle movement coordination
  • Paralysis or inability to move certain body parts
  • Blindness, numbness, dementia and hearing loss. 

How will my doctor know if I have Syphilis? 

With Syphilis being a potential health menace to individuals regardless of their sexual history, getting tested has been made easy. There are numerous common STD Tests for women

Once you decide to get tested, the doctor will take a blood test to determine if you have contracted this disease. Individuals suffering from the latent stage of Syphilis will have to undergo the lumbar puncture test.  

What are the complications of Syphilis? 

If left untreated, the Syphilis bacteria can wreak havoc on your body. The complications include:-

  • Be spread to bed partners
  • Cause difficulty in muscle movement coordination or paralysis
  • Cause numbness, blindness, and hearing loss
  • Lead to brain failure or dementia 
  • Result in heart disease
  • Damage internal organs
  • Cause death

What if I am pregnant? 

Untreated Syphilis can be fatal to pregnant mothers because it can potentially infect their unborn babies. Some birth complications that it can lead to in babies have been listed below:- 

  • Premature birth 
  • Stillborn birth 
  • Cataracts
  • Deafness
  • Seizures
  • Death. 
  • Damage to bones, brain, and other organs.

How do I prevent getting Syphilis? 

Some precautionary measures you can take to prevent Syphilis have been listed below:-

  • One foolproof way to prevent contracting Syphilis is to abstain from oral, vaginal, or anal sex. 
  • Sexually active individuals can reduce their chances of contracting Syphilis by:- 
  • Being in a committed and long-term relationship with only one partner who has tested negative for this disease. 
  • Using latex condoms the proper way during sexual activities. 

Some things you need to keep in mind are:-

  • Washing the genital area, douching or urinating after sex will not prevent you from contracting Syphilis. 
  • Having Syphilis does not make you immune to it. You can contract it again even if have been treated successfully.

Get tested and treated 

If you are experiencing Syphilis symptoms, it is mandatory to get yourself treated. Affordable Rapid Testing, Phoenix offers a seamless STI test for women with the quickest results. Some things you need to keep in mind before getting testing are as follows:-

  • Get tested even if you get the slightest hint of infection.
  • If the test results come positive, get treatment with immediate effect. Inform your doctor and strictly follow the treatment instructions. 
  • Make sure that your partner(s) also gets tested even if he/she does not experience symptoms.

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