Same-Day STD Testing in Arizona

Affordable rapid testing same-day std testing

To administer a cure for an STD in the quickest possible time, a test must be conducted. This is where the purpose of same-day STD testing comes into effect. Numerous tests are available for STDs like Syphilis, HIV, Chlamydia, Hepatitis C, Trichomoniasis, and Gonorrhoea. However, detecting them in one STD test can be difficult. Moreover, the symptoms of these diseases often go undetected or diagnosed, due to which the condition of the victim might get worse in time. 

Same-day STD testing, or rapid testing, is quick, simple, and has the ability to diagnose an STD within a day. These tests were developed to assist in detecting if a person has an STD within a matter of hours in order to start medication and cure. 

Take control of your sexual health with same-day STD Testing.

It is vital to regulate your sexual health. However, many choose to ignore it due to the taboo and stigma associated that comes to follow. Same-day STD tests are quick, seamless, and easy and eliminate the shame and inconvenience inherent in conventional STD testing. Affordable Rapid Testing, Arizona aims to provide you with the opportunity to undergo same-day STD testing that is FDA-approved and highly recommended by doctors and health experts.  

After ordering a test, you are free to visit any of the walk-in testing centers even without an appointment. The entire process is 100% clandestine, and nothing will be disclosed to your insurance company. Your medical records can have the test results only as per your request. Regardless of the outcome of the test, a team of dedicated medical professionals will provide you with advice and assistance at every stage. With same-day STD tests, the quality of your sexual life is bound to improve. 

Advantages of availing same-day STD Testing in Arizona

There are several advantages of taking a same-day STD test at Affordable Rapid Testing, Arizona. They are:-

Private STD Testing

The results of your tests won’t be provided to your insurance carrier and, as a result, will not be recorded in your permanent medical history.

Quick and Discreet

The entire STD testing procedure is just a matter of a few minutes. There are no inquiries or documentation necessary. You must provide a specimen of urine or blood before proceeding.

10 Test Panel Benefits

At Affordable Rapid Testing, you will receive the most comprehensive testing experience. Their 10-Test Panel screens for all common sexually transmitted diseases, including Hepatitis A.

Doctor Consultation 

If your STD test results come back positive, it is imperative to start the treatment process immediately. Affordable Rapid Testing has a team of highly qualified doctors who can help you get started by prescribing medication or referring you to a specialist.

Quick Results

After your visit to one of the testing centers, you can have access to the results within 1-2 days. You are free to call their 24/7 helpline number for an update on the status of your test result.

How to avail of a same-day STD test

Here are the steps to order an STD test at Affordable Rapid Testing:-

Step 1: Order The Test

You can order a test either online or by calling them. Make sure you decide upon which test you want to avail; a 10-Test Panel test or an individual test. If you have any questions about the tests and prices, you can call their 24/7 helpline number. 

Step 2: Go to Your Nearest Testing Center

Affordable Rapid Testing has many dedicated walk-in testing centers in Phoenix and Scottsdale, Arizona. You can use your smartphone and search for ‘clinic near me for STD’, ‘STD testing near me’, or ‘Affordable Rapid Testing center near me’ and let your GPS guide you to the testing center closest to you.

Step 3: Get Your Test Results

The results of your STD tests can be availed within a span of a few hours to 2 days, depending on the kind of test you have availed. 

Choose Affordable Rapid Testing for the quickest STD Testing experience.

Affordable Rapid testing in Phoenix, AZ, is inexpensive and helps detect STDs before they result in serious health issues. If you are experiencing symptoms such as odd discharge, stomach discomfort, painful urination, or blisters in the genital or oral areas, consider getting a rapid STD test from Affordable Rapid Testing. Visit their official website to learn more about the different kinds of STD tests they offer. 

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