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How to Get Affordable & Reliable Rapid Onsite Covid-19 Test for Businesses & Events

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Affordable Rapid Testing is there to assist you in all of your  COVID-19 test needs whether it is RT-PCR test or Rapid Antigen tests. We endow our customers with accurate testing and authentic reports within consistent regular turnaround times. If you have an emergency you should book an appointment with us so that we can be able to serve you at the earliest, but if you need the report for doctor consultation and you can wait up to one day then you can walk into our lab and get yourself tested. You can be assured you will be provided with the report within the same day before 9 PM by e-mail.

Onsite Covid-19 testing:


We understand the needs of people, so we serve them when they require us the most. In any kind of public gatherings or events, we send our Lab technicians for Rapid Antigen Testing which will provide them with the report within 15 mins of testing. This is especially for the business meets, where a number of people have gathered for some purpose. You can get a prior appointment by calling us as we are the most trustworthy service provider for your need. We will visit your event or business premises to help you get tested quickly and give you the report at the earliest so that you can ensure the safety of the people around. Our Rapid Antigen Testing results are authentic and they will be helpful for people to segregate themselves if the report comes positive.

Types of Covid-19 tests offered by Affordable Rapid Testing:


Earlier, we have only one lab which is based in Phoenix, but Because of the increasing pressure, we have opened a new branch in Scottsdale now. which have been operating successfully meeting up the covid testing requirements of people.& Scottsdale chiefly.  We offered RT-PCR and Rapid Antigent tests, In the RT-PCR test the same day RT-PCR test option is the most popular one, The same day RT-PCR test which is mainly used for travel needs, Our rapid antigen testing is mainly taking place for events and gatherings because it is quick and accurate, it identifies if someone has covid symptoms, So you can choose us to get a reliable report whenever you require covid-19 testing and we conduct testing for you & your family members and provide the report at the earliest.

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  1. Hello,
    Looking for 9 PCR Test before our departure from Tulsa on the 29th of november.

    1. Hi Naomie, i appreciate your query. But, we don’t have lab in Tulsa. Our operations are based in Phoenix & Scottsdale, Arizona

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