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Now, RT-PCR test results in 30 minutes at Phoenix, Arizona

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Rapid RT-PCR Tests in Phoenix & Scottsdale, Arizona

Now that there is a little liberty in COVID-19 travel restrictions, people are going out again. If you are traveling to another state or country, your airline needs a negative RT PCR test result. A same-day RT-PCR test takes only thirty minutes to provide your results.

If you are staying somewhere near Phoenix, Arizona, and looking for an RT-PCR test report in thirty minutes, Affordable Rapid Testing could be your ideal option. It is the ideal place for business persons, students, corporate employees, and other large groups. When you are traveling, you can’t wait long for your COVID test result.

Get Reliable, Fastest, Same-Day Travel Testing Facilities

The rapid PCR test looks for the presence of active coronavirus in your body. Rapid RT-PCR is an on-site COVID screening and testing program, now available in Arizona. We, at Affordable Rapid Testing, offer PCR molecular testing and result in 30 minutes.

Are You Travelling Soon?

We, At ART, are offering a wide range of Visby testing facilities which you can use for traveling. FDA has approved our standard COVID-19 PCR test to use for emergency purposes. Our 30 Mins Rapid RT-PCR Covid-19 Test is also acceptable for international trips.  Almost every airport accepts our test results.

The Success Rate Of COVID Testing Phoenix AZ

Our rapid PCR tests detect the presence of the viral RNA in your nasal/throat swab sample. Our test kits detect the infection even before you become infectious and need early isolation.  So, by taking the test, you are preventing the risk of spreading the virus further.  Our test accuracy is 99% and that’s why we are the best one providing COVID testing in Phoenix AZ. Our PCR test detects viral proteins to reveal your infection when your body has the highest concentration of the virus.

Why Has Same-Day PCR Test Become So Popular?

Looking for convenient, affordable, and rapid test results at your nearest center in Scottsdale, Arizona?  Just pick your preferred test option online from anywhere, at any time. Customers love us because-

  • We Provide Accurate Results

Our CLIA-certified labs provide the highest standard of rapid antigen and RT PCR tests

  • Get Your Results Via Email

Get your 30 Mins Rapid RT-PCR Covid-19 Test in your email within thirty minutes after taking the nasal/throat swab test.

  • Approved For International Trips

Most airports will ask for your PCR results 72 hours before you fly. With our test results, you will get all the paperwork required for your trip.

All you need to do is booking a same-day appointment or just show up at our clinic during business hours. Stay in your car and we will take a nasal swab test. Get your same-Day PCR Test results in the safest way possible.

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    1. Hi Jackie,

      Yes, It is an RT-PCR test, valid for international traveling. The cost would be $349, you can get a coupon of flat $20 discount.

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