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We all know how disappointing the past two years have been for the travelers. Not only the people who love to explore new places but also the emergency work trips got canceled. Some couldn’t return to their family despite having some urgency back at home. The pandemic took away so many things from people’s lives.

But not anymore! It’s November 2021 and people are free to plan a trip now. It all happened because of the advancement and ease of the PCR tests. If you are looking to travel abroad, you need a PCR test to prove that you are COVID-free. Luckily, in most parts of the US like Phoenix, Scottsdale, the same-day PCR test is a savior of the hour!

Are you traveling soon? Here’s what you need!

Many countries and states need you to take a pre-departure COVID-19 test and present a valid negative test result before you are allowed to fly. You must take the test at a certified medical facility or laboratory. Are you searching for the best clinics that provide Rapid RT-PCR tests in Phoenix & Scottsdale?

Affordable rapid testing in phoenix, arizona

Affordable Rapid Test will be your ultimate savior. We are here to assist you with all your covid testing needs. Our COVID-19 RT-PCR travel test guarantees result just within 15 minutes. You can easily book an appointment on our website.


Our 30-minutes family emergency RT-PCR Test & Price


All the travelers, we have good news for you! Now you can avail our emergency RT-PCR travel test facility at just $349. It detects the presence of viral RNA in your blood and the test is very accurate as per the records.  The best part is that our test can detect the COVID-19 virus even before you develop the symptoms. So, this method is an effective way to prevent the transmission of Coronavirus.

So, how does it work?

Our process is safe, simple, and contactless for your convenience. Book an appointment online or on our website or you can just walk in. If you are traveling and you need your result within a specific time, scheduling it in advance is your perfect option.

A simple nasal swab test is all it takes at Affordable Rapid Testing. When you arrive, you can stay in the comfort of your vehicle. Our lab assistant will come to your vehicle and collect your sample. Our lower nasal swab is a painless experience. So, whenever you are looking for options like Same Day RT-PCR COVID-19 tests,  Affordable Rapid Testing will be your ultimate destination.  

Affordable rapid testing in scottsdale, arizona

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