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Rapid Antigen Covid Test: Be Ready To Return To Work To Protect Your Business

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Rapid antigen testing phoenix & Tucson

The Coronavirus outbreak has wreaked havoc on businesses and the economy. It has left both big and small business owners struggling to keep afloat. According to NFIB (The National Federation of Independent Business), only 5% of entrepreneurs had faced no effects at all.

Are you one of the remaining 95%, trying to protect your business? Are you looking forward to the shift from surviving to thriving? Do you feel like you and your business have been through a constant battle since COVID-19 struck? You are not alone!

Companies everywhere have faced nasty challenges one after another. Now as the vaccines offer some hope that the world will heal faster, you must have been thinking about re-opening your workplace. Before asking your employees to come back to the office, make sure they all have undergone effective covid tests like RTPCR or Rapid Antigen test.

Get Back To Work Again!

Restrictions are easing across the USA and many businesses are re-opening. If you have been working from home, going back to the office can feel like a challenge amidst this pandemic. So, how can you get back to work safely?

Currently, you might be:

  • Worried about catching Coronavirus
  • Uneasy about sharing your office with lots of other people
  • Uncertain about the changes in your work culture
  • Nervous about starting the daily office schedule again

But hey, think about the positive sides of re-opening your office:

  • Being able to see your whole team again
  • Separate your home and work-life
  • Getting back to the daily routine you have missed a lot!

Talk to your primary health care provider about the specific health concerns you might have. It could be about getting a fast PCR test for travel as you will be commuting to work daily. No matter what, don’t forget to be kind to yourself. Take things slow because it is unrealistic to expect everything to be normal on day one.

Go For A Rapid Antigen Test & Protect Your Workplace

Are you wondering how to protect your workplace from the catch of the deadly virus? Your answer is the Rapid Antigen test. It was invented to help speed up quarantine times and get people back to work when they aren’t contagious. Every employee should have tested negative for COVID. There are other testing methods like same-day PCR testing and result services as well. If you are out there in the USA, PHOENIX Or TUCSON, and other suburbs such as Phoenix AZ, Scottsdale AZ, Tempe AZ, Chandler AZ, Mesa AZ, Goodyear AZ, Peoria AZ, Glendale AZ, Paradise Valley, Sun Lakes, or anywhere else, these above testes are vital to keeping your clients and employees safe despite their regular interaction with each other.

Plus, your workplace should have:

  • Extra hand sanitizing facilities
  • Screens, barriers, and other measures installed to limit the contact between people

If you want any extra protection, make some changes to your working practices and duty hours. For example, you can avoid the busiest times on public vehicles and work on flexible hours. Or you can open your office thrice a week and work from home for the rest of the days.

Look After Yourself

Most people are experiencing uncertainties, anxiety, and depression due to the adverse effects of the pandemic. When will it end? Nobody knows. Plus, the pressure to keep your business alive is real too! Have you forgotten self-care and self-love during the last one and a half years? Taking out time to look after your wellbeing can ease out your feelings of anxiety.  Set aside some time every day for engaging in some sort of physical activities, walking around nature, following a skin-care routine, or doing your favorite things. You can also try:

  • Meditating and practicing mindfulness
  • Reading books and writing journals
  • Gardening
  • Taking care of your pets (if any)
  • Doing something that calms your mind
  • Exercising daily, trying a new yoga, or joining an online Pilates class

Many people have slipped into bad habits during this lockdown. For example, they are being less active and productive, having a poor sleep routine, or drinking more alcohol. Getting back into a healthy routine before returning to daily office life will make you feel better, both mentally and physically.

A Healthy Routine Includes-

Being Active – Even taking a 30 minutes’ walk can work like a wonder. Try to exercise for 40 minutes at least five days a week. The best time to work out is after waking up in the morning. It will set the tone for your whole day. Plus, daily exercise will also boost up your immunity level, your shield against the deadly virus.

Getting A Better Sleep – When you exercise daily, you likely to get a good night’s sleep. If you don’t enough sleep, your body doesn’t get the rest it requires. It takes a toll on your health and immunity.

Eating A Balanced Diet – Healthy foods have no substitutes. Plan your meals and try to eat home-cooked foods for a healthy gut and strong immune system.

Drinking Enough Water – An adult needs to drink three to four liters of water a day. It will protect your body from dehydration and help you get rid of all the toxins by urinating more.

Limit Caffeine Intake– Many people have started drinking four to five mugs of tea/coffee while staying indoors. It could be due to the increasing anxiety or a constant effort to increase productivity while working from home. Whatever the reason is, you need to limit your caffeine intake to a max of two times a day. Also, try to drink in a smaller cup.

If you still feel that you have the symptoms of COVID even after following a healthy routine and social distancing, opt for a PCR swab test the same day and get instant results.

Rapid antigen test

 Seek Same Day PCR Testing & Results In Phoenix & Tucson

The need for social distancing is still not over! To prevent the spread of COVID-19 in your workplace, all the employees must be serious about following the preventive measures. Washing hands at regular intervals, and keeping at least six feet distance from each other is a must! In case of any discomfort or illness, anyone can go for the same-day PCR testing and results in Phoenix, Tucson, and nearby suburbs.  Affordable Rapid Testing is here to keep your employees, guests, and customers safe amidst the chaotic pandemic days.

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