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Planning to travel? Best place for Rapid Antigen & RT- PCR Test

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A number of countries in this Covid-19 pandemic have closed their borders. Most of the countries have set a rule of 14 days quarantine rule upon entry. When people got relief that the graph of affected people is going down, then only other contagious variants of this virus have started affecting people. That is why it is much required to be tested COVID-19 negative when you are on international travel. 

Covid-19 testing

We, Affordable Rapid Testing are here to assist with your COVID- 19 testing needs. We offer COVID Rapid Antigen Testing with results typically available within 20 minutes and fast PCR test result such as same-day PCR, Next Day PCR & 2 Day PCR tests

So, If you need to get Covid -19 Rapid Antigen &  PCR Test Testing for traveling in Phoenix & nearby, and you don’t know where to do it from, and what is the probable cost then it is better to do a proper survey and select the Best Testing Centre to get the report at the earliest at the most affordable cost.

Several test approaches are done by Affordable Rapid Testing

  1. You can drive through our center to get your test done.
  2. You can book our Covid-19 mobile testing appointment services in Phoenix so our people to come to your place and do the testing.
  3. You can opt for testing at the airport while traveling or you can get tested at our place and drive to the airport if you are traveling as we are 10 minutes from Phoenix Harbor Airport.
  4. If you represent any organization or company, you can avail of our Covid-19 Rapid Antigen & PCR testing for organization services.
  5. You can pre-book your appointment and get your service at the earliest

Best Covid-19 Testing for Travelling Option:

RT-PCR test is the best solution for the person who is traveling. This is a test that is globally recognized, Because In some places Rapid Antigen Test Report is not accepted, that is why you should go through the RT-PCR test. Using our SAME DAY PCR TEST option, we would deliver you the report the very day you are taking the test and the report would be authentic and acknowledged worldwide.

Affordable Rapid Testing is operating in the metropolitan and the suburbs localities of Phoenix. The Phoenix Harbor airport is just 15 mins from us.


4 Responses

  1. I am a little confused. Actually how long will it take to get the results back for the PCR test as we are flying to France and are trying to figure out the logistics of getting the test and then going to the airport.

    1. Hi Tim,

      May I know your location?

      Regarding the PCR test, We provide 30 mins Rapid RT-PCR Guaranteed Test result.

      Call Us: (480) 744-1950 for any support and clarification.

      Thank you!

    1. Dear Jim,

      We Open on Sunday To Saturday from 9AM to 4PM. Let us know if you need any help from us. Thanks

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