Phoenix Upcoming Events & COVID-19 Guidelines 2023

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A new year always means a new flurry of events being planned. Whether it is to keep the holiday streak alive, or just to relax with your friends after a long week. Additionally, a gathering of people comes with a high risk of spreading COVID-19 among the attendees. Hence, there are mandatory protocols and guidelines enforced by the CDC and the government of Arizona that one has to follow in order to minimize the risk of COVID in your gathering. 

Whether you are hosting an event or attending one, make sure to follow these guidelines religiously. And even if you do not feel unwell after an event, get tested for COVID-19 at an RT PCR testing Pheonix location to make sure you have not contracted the disease. Let us learn more about the new guidelines here. 

How can COVID-19 spread in an event? 

We already know that COVID-19 can spread easily when a lot of people spend time together in close quarters. If you are thinking of hosting an event or attending one, here are a few ways that COVID-19 can spread among the attendees. Remember that no gatherings are COVID-19-free. However, you can always minimize the chances of contracting it if you are careful enough. Some ways the COVID-19 can spread are:-

  • Poor ventilation: The chances of COVID-19 spreading increase in any indoor event, especially if the area is poorly ventilated. Try to host or attend more outside events and gatherings. 
  • Not wearing masks: If the people at the gathering are not wearing masks, their respiratory droplets can infect other people if they sneeze, cough, or even talk if they are infected.
  • Sharing items: COVID-19 can also spread from shared contaminated spaces or items. It can spread from using the same utensils and touching contaminated surfaces. A pool party can also increase the chances of spreading COVID-19 as a lot of people are together in the pool at all times. 
  • Not being vaccinated: Since a lot of children are unvaccinated, the chances of the disease spreading become more likely if a lot of children attend a certain gathering. They are also one of the groups more easily affected by COVID.

What are the 2023 COVID-19 guidelines for events and gatherings by the CDC? 

The CDC has always preached basic hygiene practices to fend off the chances of spreading COVID-19. But there are also some special guidelines from the CDC and the Government of Arizona about events and gatherings. They include:-

  • Washing and sanitizing your hands
  • Improving ventilation of a venue if the event is being held indoors
  • Making sure there is adequate space for social distancing in case of an outdoor event
  • Wearing masks at all times
  • Being up to date on your vaccinations and getting tested before attending an event
  • Sanitizing common surfaces and washing utensils before using them
  • Not allowing people who are at risk of contracting the disease easily to attend. This includes children, the elderly, and adults with underlying health issues. 

COVID vaccination and rapid testing before events 

Whether you are attending an event in 2023 or hosting one, you have to make sure that everyone involved in the process is vaccinated and tested before they turn up. You and your family and friends should be up-to-date on your vaccines before going anywhere with a lot of people. 

If you are feeling under the weather before the event, then it is best to get rapid testing done at your local RT-PCR testing center. These tests are fast and affordable and will let you know if you have COVID-19. You can search for RT-PCR tests in Phoenix and get tested before attending an event. If the results come out positive, stay home till the quarantine period is over. 

Protocols to follow in order to avoid contracting COVID-19 in a gathering 

The impact of COVID-19 has changed the course of human life in the last three years. However, along with the dwindling severity of its effects after mass vaccination and the ease of stringent restrictions, the fear of contracting it has also lessened. But we cannot deny that it is still lurking in the air. Hence, to avoid the risk of causing another epidemic, the government has enforced certain protocols. Here are some of the protocols you can follow to minimize the chance of contracting the COVID-19 virus if you are planning to attend or host any gathering:-

  • Wear your mask at all times during the event and make sure the other attendees do the same. 
  • Try to maintain a safe distance from other people while socializing. 
  • Wash your hands before eating and sanitize them after touching common surfaces. 

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