Is Syphilis a Permanent STD?

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Syphilis is a type of Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) and spreads via intimate sexual contact like anal, oral or vaginal intercourse. However, the spread of the disease is not limited to these activities. It may become a hereditary disease transferred from the mother to the baby in her womb. 

Syphilis does not spread through any other type of contamination, like toilet seats, swimming pools or bathtubs and shared items. Symptoms of syphilis can be noticed early on. Most importantly, it is not a permanent disease and can be cured with prescribed antibiotics and proper medical care. Although it cannot reverse any effect of this disease when it reaches the tertiary stage, it can be kept under control. 

The Symptoms of Syphilis You Need to Look Out For

There are four stages of Syphilis. Here we have divided each stage sequentially along with the symptoms of Syphilis:-

  1. Primary Stage: One of the noticeable signs that people experience at the onset of this disease is numerous sores around the genitalia. These sores are called chancres and may appear inside as well as around the rectum, anus, vagina or penis. It can also be noticed around the lips and the mouth. These sores occur at the point of entry i.e. the palace where the disease enters the body. 
  1. Secondary Stage: In the second stage one sees faint red or reddish-brown rashes appearing on the skin, palms, and feet as well as the mouth and genitalia. This occurs after the rashes of the primary stage have healed. Other symptoms of this stage include flu-like symptoms (fever, headache, sore throat, swollen glands, fatigue) along with weight loss, hair loss and muscle pain. 
  1. Latent Stage: This is the stage where there are no more visible symptoms like rashes or pain. 
  1. Tertiary Stage: Although developing tertiary syphilis is uncommon, this is a fatal stage. Syphilis in the body in this stage can affect the cardiac and the nervous system (Neurosyphilis) leading to organ failure. This usually occurs after a decade up to 30 years after the initial contraction of the disease. Syphilis can also affect the ear (Otosyphilis) and eyes (Ocular syphilis).

When is a Test for STDs Necessary?

Anyone who is sexually active can contract an STD and be unaware of it. Thus along with usual health checkups, a test for STDs should also be taken to be mindful of the health issues and if contracted, early treatment must follow.

If one experiences any symptoms of syphilis, a test for the same is imperative. The test will let you know the stage of the disease and you can receive the necessary treatment. Recovering from Syphilis or any other STD does not mean that the same disease cannot be contracted twice. Hence a regular test for STDs is a must for any sexually active person.

Understanding the Risk and the Prevention of Syphilis

Before knowing the preventive measures, one should also be aware of how Syphilis or any other STD can spread. Unprotected sexual activity is the contraction of the disease. Besides, if you are a male sexually active with both males and females and are HIV positive, have had pre-exposure prophylaxis to prevent HIV, or have had sexual contact with a person who is HIV positive, you are more prone to contracting Syphilis. 

If transferred to a woman, both pregnant and non-pregnant women should get tested for Syphilis and undergo treatment. If transferred to the baby, it must also receive immediate treatment to avoid any future complications. Besides abstinence, to avoid contracting Syphilis, using protection during intercourse is absolutely necessary. 

One can also get vaccinated for any STD and have a scheduled test for STDs consistently. Lastly, and most importantly, one should always be aware of the sexual background of one’s partner.

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