Is It Safe to Have Sex With a Girl Who Had Negative on STD Tests?

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The very thought of sexually engaging with one infected with an STD seems intimidating. Even if you are feeling relieved after your partner has tested negative for an STD, you cannot deny the doubts that might still arise. As per the CDC reports, females are more prone to contract STDs like Chlamydia and Gonnorhea than males. Most do not even experience any symptoms. Moreover, if your female partner is showing clear signs of an STD, yet has recently tested negative on STD tests, getting tested once more should be the go-to option. The possibility of a false negative test report is higher than you think. Therefore, making sure your partner is free of STDs benefits both your health and your relationship. 

Is It Safe or Not?

While STD testing has considerably improved these days, there is still a chance that the test results could be inaccurate. Getting a negative report and still carrying the STDs is quite possible. Hence, it is unsafe to have unprotected sex be it oral, vaginal, or anal sex with your female partner. You might even stand at a higher risk of contracting an STD if you come in contact with an infected female’s bodily fluids (saliva, ovum, and vaginal discharge). 

The Potential Pitfalls of STD Test Results

Even though the STD test reports show negative, there is a possibility of inaccuracy. False negative STD test results could have a few reasons:-

  • The window period of STIs: Some STIs take a few days to weeks before showing up on the test results after getting contracted to someone. This is known as the window period of STIs. If someone takes a test during this period, their test report would likely come out negative. In that case, it would render a false report.
  • Quality of the blood, urine, or swab samples: If the quality of the sample is not enough for the STD tests, then there is a high chance of producing inaccurate test results.
  • At-home STD testing kits: STD testing in your comfort and privacy must be the best idea ever. But these personal STD kits are often defective, an might hamper the accuracy of results.
  • Wrong location of the STD test: When the site of the infected area is the mouth or throat but the tests are only reviewing the genitals, the results will be rendered negative.
  • Not all STIs are screened: Most clinics do not provide screenings for all STIs even when you ask them to. The most common STD screenings are HIV, Syphilis, Chlamydia, and Gonorrhea. If someone has an asymptotic STI other than these four, their STD test reports may come out false.

Keeping in mind the unreliability of STD test reports, one must act wisely and get tested twice to confirm the actual condition of the STIs.

Some undetectable STDs

Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) don’t show any symptoms or are undetectable while testing. Due to their subclinical nature, these infections might go unnoticed while running the tests. Some common asymptomatic STDs are:-

  • HIV: It is a camouflaged infection that has flu-like symptoms and often goes untreated. 
  • Chlamydia and Gonorrhea: Both these infections are notorious for being  silent killers. 
  • Trichomoniasis: According to the CDC, 70% of people with Trichomoniasis do not experience any symptoms. 
  • Herpes: Herpes also shows mild to no signs of infection in the body. 
  • HPV: It often goes undetected without testing.

These STDs are hard to detect by testing only once. Hence, it is mandatory to get tested once in three months or annually to be on the safe side.

How to proceed if you are uncertain and concerned

If you are fidgety about how to resolve your worries, you should consider following the steps below:-

  • Your first step should be to approach your female partner about your anxiety about STDs and their effects. 
  • You need to book an appointment at the nearest clinic and get your female partner a thorough check-up once again. 
  • Talk to a gynecologist and get their advice on which STD tests would be suitable for her condition. 
  • If your partner is asymptomatic, it is recommended to go for every STI screening the clinic offers. 

How to broach the issue with your female partner

Talking about the possibility of negative STD test reports being false is a sensitive topic. Having a heart-to-heart conversation about her sexual life and practices with her will make things easier for you both. This is how you initiate a safe conversation with your girlfriend:-

  • Start by confessing how much her health matters to you and how you are worried about the STIs staying in her without being treated. 
  • If she feels anxious about infecting you, tell her that you both are going for treatment.
  • Ask her if she is comfortable opting for STD testing again just to confirm she is still negative. 
  • Let her know the drawbacks of a false negative test and how it could impact her life.
  • Make her feel safe while talking and offer her comfort when needed.
  • If signs of STDs are still showing, reassure her about getting the right treatment.

When and how to retest for STDs

The right test for STDs can be challenging to find especially when the carrier is asymptomatic. That is why it is better to test multiple times until both your partner and her doctor are assured the STDs are completely cured. 

  • Visit an expert and get their opinion on which tests to redo and how often.
  • Everyone must get tested for STIs at least once a year, or with every new partner they get intimate with.
  • Find the best clinic that provides testing for all STIs and get your partner tested there. Some clinics might only have the facility to test for Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, and HIV but not for Syphilis or Trichomoniasis. 
  • Getting site-specific STD tests done is the only way to rule out further concerns.

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