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How To Tell My Parents That I May Have Contracted An STD?

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As a young adult, it is essential to know that your parents will always have your best interests in mind and will help you out if you are in a fix. The more you are open to your parents, the more you can rely on them. However, talking to them about sex or a possible STD might be awkward especially if they haven’t given you ‘the talk’ yet or if they are conservative. But, getting STI tested is more important than getting cold feet about approaching your parents for guidance in this matter. This is because, if left untreated, an STD can wreak havoc on your system after a while. Use this article as an informative guide to help you tell your parents that you may have contracted an STD and may need to get a test.

Importance of talking about sex and sexual health with parents

While many teens might find it easy to talk to their parents about sex some might face challenges or discomfort. Even if it is an awkward topic to discuss, it is critical to your health especially if you are young and have contracted an STD. Reasons, why you need to talk to your parents about sex and STDs, are:- 

  • They might have the best advice because they have more life experience than you. 
  • They can suggest efficient ways to prevent possible STDs or unwanted pregnancies. 
  • They can take you to get tested or get vaccines. Their health insurance may even cover these medical processes.
  • Can support you in times of need, like recovering from STDs, unplanned pregnancies, sexual assault, and more.

Best way to initiate a conversation with parents about STDs or sex

Starting a conversation about sex is the most challenging part but it gets easier once it is done with. Down below, we have provided some tips to help you out:-

  • Use examples: Try referring to an online article or an advertisement to initiate a general conversation about sex. Work your way up to more personal stuff as they warm up to you.  
  • Use technology: If it makes you feel more comfortable send a text or an email. 
  • Give them a heads-up: Tell your parents that you want to have a serious private talk later. This will prepare them for what you want to talk about. This will ensure that you have their full attention and are taken seriously.
  • Break the ice: You can start the conversation with something funny or acknowledge the awkwardness. Something like “This is so awkward to talk about…” can make talking about it easier. 
  • Start with a question: Think of questions you can address and make a note of them. You can ask your parents about how they had ‘the talk’ from your grandparents when they were your age or when they first had sex after falling in love. Then you can ease your way into the topic at hand, like how to prevent STDs and pregnancy.

What to do if you cannot talk to your parents about sex or STDs

Even if it sounds easy, it is nearly impossible to address this topic in front of some parents. Some may find it uncomfortable or severely disturbing if strictly religious. In worse cases, some may even threaten or punish their kids for addressing it. Avoid bringing it up in such instances and follow either of the tips below instead:-

  • Talk to someone else: You will be pleased to know that there are people other than your parents who you can talk to be it an older sibling, a relative, or a counselor.
  • Put it off for another time: If you think your parents might react negatively at the moment, you need to put off the conversation until they are ready to talk about it. 

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Getting STI tested is the most responsible thing to do if you are experiencing symptoms. As a young adult, it is imperative to have guidance from a parent or someone older when it comes to serious issues like these. If you are looking for a reliable STD testing service, choose Affordable Rapid Testing for the quickest, easiest, and most accurate STI/STD results so you can kickstart your recovery journey. Know more about them by visiting their official website. 

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