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How to improve mental health during the Covid-19 crisis

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Self-care strategies improve mental and physical health. They help you to take charge of your life, take care of your mind and body. It helps you to connect with others to benefit your mental health. Taking good self-care is paramount to the success of the recovery process. People in recovery get to know that their emotional, spiritual, physical health are all connected, and supporting one another too. Taking care of all the aspects increases the likelihood that you stay well.

Following an effective self-care routine provides several health benefits. The routine helps to reduce anxiety, depression, stress, and burnout. It improves resilience, positive energy and strengthens interpersonal relationships

Get to know a few tips for self-care.

  • Take care of your body: Be mindful of your physical health. Live healthily, eat nutritious, sleep well, and exercise regularly. Practice good hygiene as it is important medically, socially, and psychologically. Also, find ways to relax, by doing yoga, meditation, getting a massage, walking in the woods, or even taking a bath
  • Take care of your mind: Reduce stress triggers such as limiting your exposure to news media. Look for authentic sources, such as the U.S. CDC and the WHO. Keep yourself busy by following a good regular routine. Focus on doing good and positive thoughts. Maintain a sense of hope and work to accept changes as they occur and try to keep problems in perspective.
  • Connect with others: Work your way to build support and strengthen relationships. Make connections and there’s no need to isolate yourself. Enjoy virtual socializing and talk to those in your home. You may also think of doing something for others like helping the people around you because helping others is a great way to help oneself.

Remember, stress is a normal physical and psychological reaction to the demands of life and each person has their own way to deal with stress and difficult situations. It is normal to feel stressed and be worried during a crisis but multiple challenges, such as the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, can push a person beyond his or her ability to cope. Continue practicing these self-care tips to keep your mental health on track and increase your ability to cope with life’s ongoing challenges even after the pandemic ends because stress doesn’t disappear.

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