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How to get rapid, easy, and affordable RT-PCR travel testing in Phoenix & Scottsdale, Arizona

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Covid-19 RT-PCR travel testing Phoenix Scottsdale AZ

When it comes to COVID-19 testing for travel purpose, we are listening to your needs:

We at Affordable Rapid Testing for COVID-19 perform an undaunted and professional level service to our clients with some high end skilled employees of our lab. We are situated just near the Phoenix airport to serve you the best at your COVID-19 testing requirement. We have a clinic in Scottsdale too, but if you are in Mesa Arizona and you need a COVID certificate to fly from Arizona then we are there to serve you. You can walk into our lab and get yourself tested whereas we provide you the guaranteed report within the same day of testing.

Our several packages of COVID-19 testing:

We have different packages for testing while you are traveling.

  • If you are in any kind of urgency then you can choose RT-PCR testing where you will be mailed the report within 30 minutes of testing.
  • If you have flight the same day you come to us for testing then you can get our RT-PCR test results within 2 hours of testing as well.
  • Same day RT-PCR Travel Testing results before 9 p.m are also available with us.
  • If you have a prior booking with us and you have pre booked the flight then you can go for our next day’s result RT-PCR testing.

Depending upon your requirements you can choose from the various facilities available in our clinic.

The gold standard COVID-19 diagnosis by us in Phoenix & Scottsdale Arizona:

If you stay in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Mesa & nearby suburbs for some business purpose and you need COVID-19 testing for your business trip then you will require booking your appointment with us over phone to avoid the queue. If you have not made any prior booking with us then also you can walk in to our clinic near phoenix where our professional team will assist you in getting the report ready within the same day of testing. We conduct urgent testing also where you can avail the report via mail within 30 minutes. You can just drive to our location where you need not come out from your vehicle and your test will be done there by our employees. Our mobile testing facilities are available for bulk testing of a group of people where we go with our van and test them within the stipulated time.

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