How do you get affordable STD testing in Phoenix & Scottsdale Arizona?

Et affordable std testing in phoenix & scottsdale arizona

Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) are usually caused due to unsafe and unprotected sexual intercourse. These diseases are easy to contract as they also spread through the process of breastfeeding, pregnancy, and childbirth. 

Various methods of rapid STD testing ensure that you remain protected and do not neglect your sexual health. Some rapid STD tests are affordable and time-saving too. But, before we proceed to the choices one can avail of to get an affordable and reliable rapid STD test, one must know what an STD screening test is.

What is an STD screening test?

An STD screening test is basically done to detect if a person has contracted any sexually transmitted diseases. Also, if a person is worried about his sexual health or was recently involved in sexual intercourse, then he can get an STD test done for his own safety. An STD test usually needs a sample collected from specific body parts of a person. The detailed procedures for getting a successful STD screening test done are mentioned next.

STD tests and how they are done

  • Saliva Test: The prescribed doctors will conduct a test based on the saliva collected from one’s tongue. The saliva sample is usually collected in the morning for diagnostic accuracy. Labs in Phoenix and Scottsdale Arizona provide same-day STD testing and also offer the test report on that day.
  • Urinal Test: The urinal test is another test where a urine sample is collected to detect STDs in that person’s body. The urine is collected in a small container which is then analyzed and tested for various STDs or the ones the person chooses to test for. The urine sample is generally collected in the morning just like the saliva sample test. This test is also affordable and many centers in and around Arizona like Phoenix and Scottsdale offer same-day results. 
  • Other Affordable Ways: The best affordable way to get STD tests done is by using a rapid STD testing kit. One can complete this test just by following the manual carefully affixed inside the rapid STD testing kit. Apart from the tests mentioned by prescribed doctors, one can also get this test done on his own without seeing a doctor.  

Affordable testing options in Phoenix & Scottsdale

  • The average cost of these rapid STD tests conducted in this region range between $150 to $4000.
  • Some labs offer considerable discounts on cash payments for all kinds of STD tests.
  • Labs in and around Phoenix and Scottsdale also provide unique QR code protection when paying them cash. This service keeps the transaction confidential and safe to proceed. 
  • You can also get free testing from public health clinics and mobile testing vans like Planned Parenthood and county clinics. The county clinics offer free treatment for STDs and HIV as well.

Affordable Rapid Testing, Arizona is a one-stop reliable destination for STD testing

As the demands for rapid STD tests are getting higher each day, the facility to provide customers with an affordable rapid STD test is becoming out of the reach of various labs. But Affordable Rapid Testing is the best option for availing a low-cost and reliable customer-friendly service that assures your sexual wellness via a hassle-free process. 

To get an appointment regarding any test for STDs, one can call the lab a day prior to testing. One can also use a walk-in STD testing system. Apart from that, the lab also accepts drive-through, on-site mobile testing, and events testing. They also offer panel systems e.g., 2-panel, 3-panel, and 5-panel covering a range of STDs conducted in this lab. The lab also has a dedicated healthcare service that details the treatment plan for those diagnosed with an STD. Affordable Rapid Testing has centers in Phoenix and Scottsdale at extremely viable locations. To avail more information, visit their website.  

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