How important COVID-19 Tests for Organizations

Same day rt-pcr covid-19 testing phoenix

While tests to spot COVID-19 infection are getting progression and dispersed at an unparalleled degree, demand is still beyond the supply. A number of people are getting affected every other day where there are lack of professional & authentic service providers for covid19 testing. Sometimes it’s not been possible to go in person for testing and that is where the Affordable Rapid Testing come into operation.

What is On-Site Corporate & Group Covid Testing?

Covid 19 has reached its zenith this year, so only proactive screening and trustworthy testing can be of help to stop the virus from spreading rapidly. If you run a corporate, company or organization in Phoenix & nearby and you wish a safe and sound operation of the same then it is necessary to test your employees often to run the official work smoothly and to give best screening and monitoring solution for Corporates our On-Site Corporate & Group COVID-19 Testing service is best option for you in Phoenix, AZ.

Here skilled professionals would visit your site and arrange for a bulk testing. Thus you need not be worried about your employee’s health condition and continue the office in an unhindered way.

What type of Covid 19 tests an organization requires?

There are several types of testing for COVID19, and one need to take the test depending upon symptoms, requirement and time.

  • Antibody test: This test is there as this can only identify if you or your employees had a COVID infection previously and their immune system has produced antibodies, so it is not that helpful to stop the virus.
  • Rapid Antigen test: If you wish to travel or want for your organization & employees purpose then this test if most useful & reliable & affordable as well, we provide group & onsite rapid antigen testing for organizations.
  • Same day PCR test:  this test is the most proven test of COVID 19, as this is a reliable test. Affordable Rapid Testing would be able to get the report same day if one have get it tested before 11 am.
  • Next day PCR & two day PCR test is also very popular, as it is cost affordable than same day PCR test.

But to stop spreading virus within organization and to get fast Results for the test of employees, In such cases the organizations can arrange for a bulk testing with Rapid Antigen Test where the report will be given within 20 minutes of testing. You can book an appointment on priority basis to avail the service at your said time.

How long the result of COVID test would take to come?

PCR tests need would require time to give the report, as the very name says, if its same day PCR then the report will be given within a day and if it is next day or two day PCR then the report will be given accordingly. But if you choose to go for rapid antigen test then it would require some 20 mins of your precious time to give you an authentic report. The employees, who are asymptomatic even, can be found out easily and relieved from the work for a few days to ensure the safety of others around him.

Covid testing for travel purpose in Phoenix:

Our covid-19 mobile testing service is not only available in Phoenix & nearby suburbs but we also provide Rapid Antigen test to the travelers at Phoenix harbor airport. This is absolutely beneficial for you if you have to travel on frequent basis as we would just charge for the conveyance but you need not stand in the queue and wait for the report in the airport. At the same time, we would provide the report within twenty minutes which is the perfect time saving option for a traveler. Book your appointment today and get a tension free rapid antigen test in Phoenix.

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