How Do They Test for STDs in Males?

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Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are often overlooked and neglected by the patient. But it is vital to speak with a professional and obtain their opinion on whether one should get tested or not. Not all STIs would develop into STDs and not all are deadly or symptomatic but they are still troublemakers. A sexually transmitted disease is contracted when someone comes into contact with bacteria, parasites, or viruses through sexual and oral interactions. And STD testing is the way to know if you are infected.

What is STD testing or screening?

When your healthcare provider advises you to take a test to rule out any suspicions about any venereal disease you could have, you need to opt for an STD test. Screening tests are different from diagnostic tests. When a patient exhibits no signs of the disease but the doctor notices something unusual, an STD screening is conducted. However, STD testing is required once the symptoms of a disease are fairly obvious. If a man is infected and suffering from common STDs, there are certain STD testing methods to diagnose the specific disease.

Symptoms of STD in men

Due to the anatomical differences between the two sexes, men have a lower risk of contracting STDs than women do. Despite that men are often diagnosed with more than one STD at a time. Sometimes, STIs are silent predators, without noticeable symptoms. An STD is always born out of an STI. But when the symptoms do arrive, they look something like this:

  • Unexpected penile bleeding or discharge
  • Enlargement of testicles
  • Painful testicles
  • Agonizing lesions, bumps, and rashes in and around the penis, testicles, buttocks, anus, and thighs
  • Excruciating sexual experience
  • Bleeding during intercourse

Types of STD tests for males

There are various testing techniques available to detect different sexually transmitted diseases. These tests are done by collecting bodily fluids to confirm any foreign presence in the body. If you are worried that your sex life may have given you any sort of disease, it is time for a consultation and check-up. Having multiple partners can lead to contracting infections. Therefore, getting treated is important for your and your partner’s health. Here are some types of STD tests an infected man is encouraged to go through:

  • Blood tests

Blood is drawn from your body or collected through a finger prick if you are suspected of carrying diseases that cannot be diagnosed through urine or swab samples. These diseases include hepatitis, HIV, herpes, and syphilis. 

  • Urine tests

Men with symptoms of gonorrhea and chlamydia are urged to bring their urine samples to the clinic for STD testing. The patient needs to hold their urine for at least two hours before peeing and he needs to collect the sample from the first few drops while urinating. The DNA of the pathogens is detected through this test to confirm the disease.

  • Swab tests

One of the most common STD tests for men was the urethra swab test- a nightmare for most. But a swab test is not all about poking a swab through your urethra. That technique has gone obsolete, fortunately. Now swab tests are only done by collecting fluids from your cheek or throat. Also, any kind of genital discharge is collected with swabs and tested in the lab. Common STDs like syphilis and genital herpes are tested by collecting tissues from the sores with a swab.

Men who should get tested

  • Who have intimate contact (oral, anal, or vaginal) with more than one partner
  • If you think your partner is infected 
  • All sexually active gay and bisexual men
  • If your partner is HIV positive

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