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How Do I Tell My Partner I Tested Positive for An STI?

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STIs or Sexually Transmitted Infections are usually caused by the transmission of bacteria, parasites, and viruses through sexual contact. Sometimes, they can even be transmitted from a mother to her child during pregnancy. Usually, these infections are detected via a successful STI screening test. 

Unsafe and unclean sexual intercourse is also a source of contracting sexually transmitted diseases. If you have contracted any STIs, telling your partner without any hesitation is important. To protect your partner’s life, speaking about an STI screening test and asking him/her to get tested is imperative. Explain to him/her what an STI screening test is and how you can get the test done in so many ways.

What is an STI screening test?

An STI screening is a test that shows whether you have contracted any STI or not. The test can be done either by examining your blood sample or urinal sample. Laboratories also rely on other anatomical samples to conduct the test. 

The oral test is the most favorable test where a swab sample from your tongue is taken to conduct it. Urine tests require urine samples and blood tests require blood samples.

Why telling your partner about the test result is important?

Telling your partner about your sexual well-being is as important as taking care of his/her sexual well-being. If you tested positive for an STD, explaining to your partner about it should always be your utmost priority. 

By doing so, not only can you keep your partner safe but can ask him/her to get tested as well. Below are some points to help you unhesitatingly tell your partner about the STD you have contracted:-

  1. No hiding behind the veil: You must be open about the disease to your partner. Disclosing this can also bring up your past relationships in front of your partner which needs to be carefully handled. Nevertheless, opening up about such diseases on your own is better than being addressed by your partner about it. This can eventually harm your relationship in the long run.
  2. Stay faithful to your partner: You must tell your partner about the people you have been sexually active with before him/her. Lying to your partner can potentially put him/her life at a greater risk. If you have been sexually active with someone else during your relationship with your partner, then that must be conveyed to your partner as well. 
  3. Do not feel embarrassed – You should not feel ashamed in handling the possible questions from your partner as he/she has full right to ask you such. You must also explain to your current partner whether you had unsafe and unclean sexual intercourse with your previous partner. This will help your partner know more about spreading these STIs to stay safe and extra protected from the next time onwards.

With the points mentioned above, telling your partner that you tested positive for STI should not be a big deal any longer. Confidence, clarity of mind, and truthfulness will help you show your test result to your partner. This way, you can encourage them to also get an STI screening test. 

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