How Accurate Are The Same-Day RT-PCR Tests?

Rapid rt-pcr tests in phoenix & scottsdale, arizona

Every single thing in our life since the beginning of 2020 has been based on  Coronavirus! Every one of us worries about catching the virus sooner or later. As per WHO – “taking test, test, and test” and “getting vaccinated’” are the key strategies to fight the pandemic at that moment.  Having realized the graveness of the situation, scientists around the globe worked hard to develop a cost-effective and quick testing method for people in a hurry to know their results. The rapid RT-PCR Covid-19 test is one of their discoveries as you must know by now.

What Are Rapid RT-PCR Tests?

The COVID-19 RT- PCR (Reverse Transcriptase Polymerase Chain Reaction) is a real-time molecular-based diagnostic test. You have to undergo a nasal or throat swab test during an RT_PCR. The test involves extracting Ribonucleic acid, a compound of Coronavirus, from the specimen of your swab test.  After collecting the swab, the result comes out after quantifying the amount of Ribonucleic acid or any other pathogen in your specimen. The best part about the same-day rapid test is that it provides the result within fifteen to thirty minutes. So, when you are in a rush, or when you are traveling, a quick RT-PCR test is what you need.

How Accurate Is The  Same-Day PCR Test?

Now let’s assume you already know the process of the 30 Mins Rapid RT-PCR Covid-19 Test. But with some recent news on the ‘false negative’ report, you are skeptical about the accuracy of the test. So, how accurate are the results?

Well, medical professionals all around the world consider the RT-PCR test to be the golden standard for detecting the virus. According to the experts, the same-day PCR test is more accurate compared to other tests such as antibody and antigen tests. That’s why WHO has approved the real-time tests for emergencies like traveling or getting back to the office. For example, if you live in Arizona and looking for Covid testing Phoenix Az, opt for a 30 minutes PCR test.

Accuracy For  Patients With COVID-19 Symptoms

When the obvious symptoms are there, RT-PCR tests provide a positive result almost 85% of the time. Plus, the researchers were 95 percent confident about the reliability of this test.

Accuracy For Patients Without The Symptoms

As per the survey, people without COVID-19 symptoms tested ‘false positive’ in 58 percent of RT-PCR tests.

If It Was Less Accurate, It Wouldn’t Be So Popular

Despite the few instances of getting a false negative/positive result, same-day travel testing is very popular. The unmatched benefits of PCR tests are-

  • They provide the results within minutes, not several days
  • They are more portable and easily accessible than the lab tests
  • Less expensive than lab tests
  • They don’t need a lab or any specialist’s prescription
  • Lots of shopping malls, airports, theme parks, and other crowded areas arrange rapid RT-PCR tests to screen for positive cases.

What If  You Get a Negative Result Despite Having Symptoms?

Since we are still pondering about the possibility of a false negative report, here’s a trick! If your test shows ‘negative’ whereas you have some obvious symptoms, it might be wrong. In that case, you can take a PCR test again after a few days. Otherwise, the option of a time-consuming lab test is always there.

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