Types of HIV Testing Methods And All You Need To Know About Non-reactive HIV-1&2 Results

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With the increasing number of HIV cases, STD testing has become regular in routine health check-ups. After understanding more about STI testing, an increasing number of people are open to the notion without reservation. HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) is regarded as one of the most lethal viruses for which no vaccination exists. Rapid STD testing is the only method to find out whether you have HIV. 

How do clinics test for HIV?

One of the most dangerous STDs is HIV (Human immunodeficiency virus). You can confirm the presence or absence of this virus with the appropriate STD test. Furthermore, Herpes, Syphilis, and Gonorrhoea testing is recommended since HIV infection increases the risk of contracting other infections. 

Although HIV tests are fairly reliable, no test can identify the virus right after infection. The sort of test used determines how quickly a test can identify HIV. HIV tests are classified into three types: antigen/antibody testing, NATs (Nucleic acid tests) and antibody tests.

  • Antibody tests: These tests seek for HIV antibodies in oral fluid or blood samples. HIV antibody testing might take between 23 and 90 days to identify after exposure. Most of these rapid tests, as well as the HIV self-test, are classified as antibody tests. Antibody tests with blood samples can identify HIV sooner than tests using blood drawn via a finger stick or oral fluid.
  • NAT: These tests help detect the virus itself in the blood sample. This test is for those who have had a recent or suspected HIV exposure and have received a negative status in their antigen/antibody test. This test often identify HIV between 10 and 33 days following exposure.
  • Antigen/antibody tests: These tests check for HIV antibodies as well as antigens in the sample provided by the client. Antigens are contaminants that trigger a person’s immune system. Before antibodies form in an HIV patient, an antigen termed p24 is generated. These tests are prevalent in the United States and are recommended for lab testing. A lab antigen/antibody test on blood from a vein may often detect HIV antibodies within 18 to 45 days post-infection. A finger stick antigen/antibody test is also available for quick results. 

What do non-reactive HIV test results indicate?

If your HIV test results are non-reactive, it means you are not infected with HIV. These tests are often denoted by numbers. If the number is less than 1.0, the outcome is termed negative. If the result is close to 1.0 (or larger than 0.90), the doctor may need to redo the test.

Types of HIV tests offered by Affordable Rapid Testing, AZ

The following types of tests that detect HIV are offered by Affordable Rapid Testing, Arizona:-

  • Standard 3-Panel STD Test: This test can help detect HIV 1/2, along with other STDs like Syphilis, and Hepatitis C. 
  • Premium 5-Panel STD Testing for males: This premium STD testing option is exclusive for males and includes tests for HIV1/2 as well as other common STDs.
  • 6-panel full STD testing for females: This is a premium option that females can avail to test for not only HIV 1/2, but also, Trichomonas, Chlamydia, and Gonorrhea. 
  • 5-panel full STD testing for females: This testing option for females has HIV ½ testing as well as testing for other common STDs. 
  • HIV 1/2 AG/AB combo test: This test is exclusive for HIV 1/2 AG/AB only. 

Make the right choice in STD tests with Affordable Rapid Testing

Affordable Rapid Testing is a bonafide testing service that is dedicated to making STD testing simpler, and easy on the pockets. This testing business has been established in Arizona having testing centers in Scottsdale and Phoenix. They strive to deliver accurate and timely testing at a reasonable price. Affordable Rapid Testing is the finest alternative for dependable STD testing and guarantees precise results within the shortest possible time. Visit their official website to discover more about their services.

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